MATRIXSYNTH: WMD DVCA - Ring Modulation as an integral part of the eurorack voice?

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WMD DVCA - Ring Modulation as an integral part of the eurorack voice?

Published on Aug 28, 2019 WMDevices

"Synthesis techniques are what eurorack in general is all about. having all options available at all times is a huge reason why one would want to get into modular synths. That said, it's common to learn a few things and settle, ending up uninspired yet again.

Subtractive synthesis is synthesis is a technique that is used in countless synths on the market both hardware and software, and we can all agree that simple voices sometimes just sound the best in the right contact. However, when patching up the same modules the same way every time, it can get a bit boring and one could ask "why should I use modular if I'm just going to patch up what a Moog Model D does every time?"

In this video, Alex explains a simple, yet fun technique to get more out of your eurorack system with modules that you probably already own. He explains the usefulness of Ring Modulation and Amplitude modulation to create filter-like sounds that have a different overall character. Revealing some tricks along the way like synching your modulator oscillator, and Filtering the modulator's signal, this video is a must watch for anyone stuck in the same old loop when it comes to patching.

The DVCA is a voltage controlled amplifier module with an all analogue signal path and a digital detection circuit, allowing the user to easy eliminate clicks and pops from using a fast envelope with low frequency and smooth audio signals.

DVCA retails at $199 and is available now."

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