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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Yamaha CS 60 - She is Alive

Published on Jul 31, 2019 Metralon

The playlist above starts with a demo with the description directly below, followed by a number of restoration videos.

"SKIP to 1:49 if the LFO detuning at the beginning of this video is too much.

Very first improvisation after one year of restoration work.

Ok that was a lie: it was my third improv. The first one was utterly magical and was not recorded; at one time the synth spoke to me, I swear! That was a couple of days ago. The second improv happened yesterday and wasn't all that great. So you'll have to do with this third one as a first encounter. In the notes of John Williams: d4-e4-c4-c3-g3.

With due apologies for the length and randomness of the improv; the CS60 universe envelops you and before you know it you're 40 minutes in.


00:00 Slow and deep detune
01:49 That's more like it
05:15 Squarelling
07:36 Did you saw that? (terrible pun i know)
09:08 Rectangles with Sinusitis
10:21 Doctor Sine to save the day
11:30 noise-R-us
13:52 Don't ignore me
15:01 Good job, you turned off all oscillators mate
15:17 Square waves in curved oceans
16:28 Under the hood (showing off the voice LED mod, thanks to Golt)
17:05 Tinsel fantasy
18:52 Sawlo
20:36 Silo - with slight oxidation
21:34 Sawdust with square hinges in a bed of sins
22:48 Opening that filter
23:27 Get ready for take off
24:44 Across the horizon
25:54 Pulse 1 (fiery chariots)
27:46 Filter ride
28:46 Put a ring on it
29:06 Pulse 2 (deep)
29:56 R U sure?
31:06 Dusk - Chapel - Dawn
33:47 A square beginning
36:53 Still not done
39:05 Final s(tr)aw, then we're square

Ok I'm done with puns now

SINE-ing out


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