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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Buchla Audio Demos by Protek

Buchla 266 Noise & Modulations

"My first experiments with the Buchla 266 SOU.

Simple patch with noise output going to input of 291e (stepping through it's 8 step seq.). Some steps on the 291e seq. have modulation applied. The 266 controls the oscillator's frequency as well as the pan position that the noise goes to on the 227e. The oscillator is going through a Moogerfooger MF-104 delay pedal."


"Patch focuses on the interaction between the 266, 281e, and 259. Pendulum Ratchet establishes rhythm and tempo.

Basic outline for this patch...
The Fluctuating Random Voltages section of the 266 modulates both the attack and decay of the 281e. The 281e in turn modulates the Timbre of the 259. Towards the end of the piece I start modulating the Principal Oscillator with the Modulation Oscillator (by using Phase Lock and FM)."

Buchla Beat

"My first stab at "synthesizing" drum sounds on the Buchla and recording a beat in one pass. More of an experiment, hence the rather simple beat.
The High Hat rhythms change over time and are completely dependent on the "Density" control of the Pendulum Ratchet (which I tweaked during recording).

Here's a simple run-down of things...
The Pendulum Ratchet served as the "beat clock/rhythm generator", simultaneously putting out triggers for the Bass Drum, Snare Drum and the High Hat.

Here are the sound sources:
Bass Drum: Buchla 259 Sine Wave (fed a nice, sharp EG from the 281e in order to get a nice percussive "smack" at the very beginning of it's sound. :)
Snare Drum: Buchla 266 +3db Noise Output (straight into 292e "Gate Mode")
High Hat: Buchla 266 +3db Noise Output (put through the 285e. "Up" & "Down" Outputs fed to the 227e Sub-Mixer and then mixed. Playing with those two levels (Up & Down) had a huge impact on the end result.

One last comment... All sounds passed through the 292e in "Gate Mode". I was quite astonished by the "reverb" that was created thanks to the natural decay of the vactrols. That's right... Track is *dry*. No effects."

Uncertain Spinning Drone


Above are the key modules for this patch which relies heavily on feedback loops. Basically, I have the 250e and the 266 feeding into and back at each other in as many ways as I could think of at the time. I also made use of the really neat "External Inputs" on the 250, feeding the QRV and SRV into one input each. The FRV is controlling the 285e Ring Mod Timbre as well as playing a part in the tempo of the 250e.
It's really twisted. :)"

Buchla Timbre Modulation

"This patch consists of just a 250e and one 261e oscillator. CV1 from the 250e modulates the Timbre of the 261e, while CV2 modulates the Symmetry. There's also a bit of me messing with the High Order knob, but only for about a minute or less. I like this patch because I find the Timbre circuit on the 261e to be an incredible thing. On any other system it would most likely take a VCF + Wavefolder/shaper to achieve such varied tones. Only with a Buchla can you get so many incredible sounds out of a single oscillator. A little reverb was added later inside the computer."

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