MATRIXSYNTH: "Geophysical Vibrations" Morphagene Reels by Carmelo Pampillonio

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Geophysical Vibrations" Morphagene Reels by Carmelo Pampillonio

Published on Sep 11, 2019 MAKEN0ISE
Update: Re-Published on Oct 16, 2019

"Carmelo Pampillonio's Geophysical Vibrations Morphagene Reels can be downloaded here:

Check out Carmelo's other work here:

Our planet emits natural electromagnetic radio signals in the extremely-low-frequency and very-low-frequency (ELF/VLF) radio spectrum, which lies between 3Hz - 11kHz. These exceedingly long waves emanate from massive discharges in lightning storms, and from the solar wind lathing the magnetosphere with supercharged plasma particles, visible as aurora. Though some individuals may be sensitive to these electromagnetic waves, they are not typically considered to be audible, and so require a simple VLF radio receiver to transduce the signals.

Seismic waves unfurl across the surface of the Earth at massive magnitudes over deep geologic time; their ripples slowly circumnavigating across the breadth of the entire planet multiple times before dimming out. The easiest way to transpose seismic waves into sound and render them audible to human hearing is to play them at a much faster speed via a time-frequency transform. I consider this, along with my work with VLF waves, to be documentary practices, where I leave the sounds completely raw and unedited to preserve the general characteristics of the vibrations as much as possible. The act of rendering these waves sensible requires an adjustment — or attunement — of our intuitions of time and scale to degrees which exceed what is generally considered normal and familiar. Conversions like this help us to slide up and down different spatiotemporal dimensions to consider things from varying viewpoints. They allow for a sort of perspectival superposition, where it’s both the sped-up time and the original, and neither nor. So, for me, this listening is part of a practice of long-term deep-geologic thinking, and it’s a practice that helps articulate our situatedness on the earth, and our entanglement within these large-scale nonhuman forces. It’s very much a process; a material working-out of the relations between entities and forces, and how we’re co-produced through these interactions. The pieces you hear here were sonified via the three-axis L-4 seismometer at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI), in Rosman, North Carolina.

Amphoric Resonances
Sighs, howls, drafts, gales, soughs, and hums… A study of the spaces in between.

The chaotic vibratory ecologies of electromagnetic fields emitted from all the technological instruments and interfaces involved in this project. These ambient broadband measurements were taken with various EMF sensors, where the discharges of imperceptible energies are rendered sensible as symphonic microsounds which impart the extent to which our surrounding spaces are not simply passive backgrounds. The art of magnetic field recording is intriguing precisely because it makes us privy to vibrations of an inhuman axis, making it a form of non-anthropocentric art."

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