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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kawai SX-210 Teisco SYN-42 Micro Computer Board Repair Kit

via this auction

"This is a set of all the components you will ever need to repair the Kawai (or Teisco) SX-210 micro computer board (SYN-42) known for the ni-cd battery leakage problem. I had a customer that brought me 9 (nine) units to repair, all with the same problem.

Beside repairing the board, you will be able to change for a stable lithium battery (included, as well as the components and instructions to do it). I will provide you a clean PDF service manual and some extra instructions (from advice on how to remove corroded components to reloading the factory presets, etc.). I will also provide you the banks'presets in .wav format and the instructions manual. This is not a task for beginners, you have to be able to solder and desolder 2 faces PCBs. But you can take this kit to a local repair shop, and they will gladly do the job. The time consuming part is sourcing these components. I am always available to help fellow synth lovers. Try me.

The KIT contains all the parts next to the battery and some others that I used in some moment to repair the boards:

1 CPU Intel P8031 (this one is far from the battery, but I had to change it in some boards due to short circuits)
1 2764 Programmed EPROM with the last known firmware
2 ULN2003A darlington transistor array
1 SN74LS374N
1 µPD8253C NEC programmable interval timer
1 TC5517 Toshiba 2K RAM (your unit may come with a MSM5128 - they work the same)
2 transistors 2SA564
2 transistors 2SC536
1 zener diode 5.2V (WZ-052)
1 diode 1S2473
1 diode 1S1555 (to adapt the new lithium battery)
1 CR2032 lithium battery with soldering tags
2 resistor network 3,3KΩ x 8
2 2,2KΩ 1/4W resistor
7 3,3KΩ 1/4W resistor
6 electrolytic capacitors 10µF 16V
3 electrolytic capacitors 0.22µF 16V
1 electrolytic capacitor 47µF 16V
1 electrolytic capacitor 100µF 25V
all the integrated circuits come with a good quality machined DIL socket.

All the components are tested prior to shipping including the ESR of the capacitors."

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