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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Six4Pix Arpie + CVTab Firmware V6 Standalone tutorial with Modded TB-303

Published on Sep 26, 2019 While We Were Sleeping

Sixty Four Pixels - note Arpie made it's first appearance back in 2015.

00:00 - 01:07 Intro
01:07 - 05:28 Part 1 - Basic Arpeggiator
05:28 - 08:20 Part 2 - Patterns
08:20 - 09:25 Part 3 - Random patterns
09:25 - 10:30 Part 4 - Clock out
10:30 - 11:26 Part 5.1 - other features - Skip over notes
11:26 - 11:50 Part 5.2 - Other Features - Hz/V scaling
11:50 - 13:02 Part 5.3 - Other Features - Force to scale
Bonus Material:
11:26 - 14:15 - 1 Note Acid bass-line
14:15 - 15:48 - Eurorack synced Jam

"In this video, I am showing the features of the Arpie by six4pix with it's latest firmware Version 6. This is a significant update to the Arpie and turns it into a powerful Arpeggiator / Sequencer hybrid with a unique workflow and feature set.

The Arpie can be used standalone or with a MIDI keyboard. I love the standalone nature of the Arpie and chose to show it that way in this video.

I am also using the CVtab expansion to control my TB-303 with its Borg mod from Analogue Solutions.
The CVTab gives the Arpie a CV out, a gate out and a third out that can act as a trigger for accents, slides ... or as a clock out. The CVTab also provides storing of 16 patterns.

All the technics used in this video will also work using MIDI except for pattern saving and restoring. MIDI provides a number of features not available as CV and are not covered in this video.

I am covering most of the Arpie features but not all so do read the manual for more details

I did my best to make things clear but if you have any questions do ask in the comments and ill do my best to answer.

A few notes on using the Arpie:

The main function aria has a 4x3 button greed each button in the greed has 2 functions: Press and Long Press. the instructions in the video make this clear however I made a mistake 1:30 in and made a long press before correcting it to a normal short press. I think I got it correct in all other places, but the instructions should be all correct.

Once selecting a function you configure the function using the 16 LEDs/push buttons at the top of the Arpie.

Bonus Material:

1 Note Acid bass-line - This was recorded an earlier test version of the Firmware, but I thought it is interesting to see how the firmware evolved and I liked it and did not want to shoot it again.
(In this version where access to the [PATN] additional layers is on the [Mode button])
Can you work out how to play this using the latest version?

Eurorack synced Jam - While working on the tutorial I was to focused on what I was showing to get a good sync going to my Eurorack so I added a jam that shows better results. I also want to add that it is not difficult to get a sync going and you can create interesting grooves by choosing the start point.

Final thoughts, I love the organic nature of the Arpie and mixing the various technics to create surprising and unexpected results. I have many ideas for patches using the Arpie that I hope to share in the future.
If you have an Arpie would love to hear how you use it?"

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