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Monday, September 09, 2019

The Man Who Re-invented The Synthesizer - 1978 Rick Coupland Synthesizer Brochure & Operational Specs

via this auction

"Original 1978 vintage Rick Coupland Synthesizer 11 page Brochure PLUS bonus Operational Specs (Note coffee stain on top corner). The Man Who Re-Invented The Synthesyizer."

Note this is the first post to feature descent legible pics of the brochure.

via this post on synthesizer firsts: "1973 - Coupland Digital Music Synthesizer - First Digital (Triadex beat it?) Update via Peter Grenader: "No time to read through all these posts to see if it's come up yet, but the Coupland was never existed. I met Mark Vail, who's now a friend, by writing him a letter informing him that his story about the Coupland in his Vintage Synthesizers book (GREAT book) which mentioned it's only recorded showing was at the AES show in LA in 1978 was a farce. I was there - at their booth and their suite in the Hilton where the instrument was said to be. I was there on the first day, I was there on the last day. The only thing they had was a small model - about six inches across, sitting on a table. The booth was amazing - this radial orb multiple people could sit in, with a cover that came over each person which played what I remembered was a very impressive demo which swirled around four speakers inside the box. I, and everyone else, were blown away. They kept saying...'it will be here tomorrow, it'll be here tomorrow' I showed up the last day just to see it, figuring by the then it would have didn't. I did see the frst Synthclavier at that show however. Their suite was across the hall from the Coupland folk. That completely kicked the crap out of everything else shown that year."

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