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Sunday, October 27, 2019

1982 Vintage USSR Synthesizer FORMANTA EMS-01

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"FORMANTA EMS-01 was produced by Katchkanar radio equipment factory "Formanta", which is the manufacturer of such well-known makes of synthesizers as Polivoks, Formanta, Manual, Maestro etc. It bears the same logo on the package and retains some of its most impressive capabilities.

FORMANTA EMS-01 is an electronical music instrument combining a polyphonic organ and a monophonic synthesizer. It is designed to perform music of all genres and to create various sound effects while recording soundtracks for movies and plays, or studio recording. The organ has a 5-octave keyboard, 6 preset sound timbres, frequency vibrato with adjustable vibrato delay, decay adjustment and a stereophaser (both for organ and synthesizer). The "vibrato delay" scheme is activated again only after all the previously pressed keys are released. In the "legato" mode the "vibrato delay" scheme is not activated.


— 3-octave keyboard;

— modulator, modulation voltage from which is applied to frequency modulator, width modulator, filter, and amplifier;

— broad band oscillators 1 and 2 (with various waveforms);

— mixer, designed for summation of signals from oscillators 1 and 2, noise generator, external source, and ring modulator;

— filter, designed for dynamic and static changing of the spectrum of summarized signal from mixer output;

— amplifier, designed for making the sound corresponding to various parameters of the envelope;


— 5-octave keyboard;

— 6 Waveforms;

— Freq vibrato with- Rate, Depth and Delay

— Stereo Phaser (For both organ and synth) with rez level

— Sustain level

Visual division of the synthesizer panel into the above listed sections and their lay-out make it more easy to orientate oneself while setting the required timbre. Besides, the synthesizer is able to simultaneously control one more similar synthesizer through a special cable and connectors CONTR IN and CONTR OUT.

The instrument provides the opportunity of connecting stereo headphones; the volume in headphones doesn't change in case of changing the volume of the instrument from zero to maximum at all the outputs of the instrument with the foot pedal; thanks to this, preliminary control of timbre through the headphones before applying it to amplifiers is possible. By switching on PHASER into the channel of organ or synthesizer, it is possible to get stereo sound in the outputs STEREO L and STEREO P. In case PHASER is switched off, both channels will function in MONO mode.


— 3-octave synthesizer keyboard;

— 5-octave organ keyboard;

— Sound range - 9 octaves;

— Organ band from 43,65 Hz (F controctave) to 1318 Hz (E in three-line octave);

— Operating conditions: temperature 15-35 C, humidity 65%, barometric pressure 86,6 - 106,6 kPa;

— Relative frequency deviation after 4 hours of uninterrupted operation within 0,5%;

— Adjustment range for organ and synthesizer + 6% (+ 0,5 tone);

— Minimal range of continuous detuning of oscillator 2 regarding oscillator 1 - 1 octave;

— Range of adjustment of filter cutoff frequency 100- 1500 Hz;

— Minimal dynamic range - 55 dB;

— Supply voltage AC 220+10V, 50 Hz;

— Power consumption within 75 VA;

— Weight, < 30 kg (66 Pounds)"

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