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Sunday, October 13, 2019

JMT DNVO-1 Desktop Synthesizer with pattern generator, 3 Sub-Oscillators, CV In

Published on Mar 29, 2016 JMT SYNTH

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"Up for sale is one of our three beloved DNVO-1s from JMT Synth. This is his flagship model and the most requested desktop synth in our studio. For fans of Skychord/ KingCapitolPunishment/ Soma, though nothing in the 'noise/drone synth' category can touch the versatility and musicality of JMT's top shelf designs. Additionally, while the Skychord and Trogotronics synths are amazing in their own right, they are made using PCBs. JMT synths are 100% hand made, hand-wired and discrete, with no two sounding alike. This particular box was built to order by designer Tetsuji Masuda, and purchased directly from JMT Japan as a backup when our others (including the one with the blue status light in the video below) were tied up making otherworldly sounds for season two of a particular N__f___ series we worked on. It has seen no real use outside of testing. 100% hand made, hand-wired and discrete. CV input (VCO), 3 sub-oscillators, noise generator, 3-range VCF that can be tuned to the input signal, proprietary oscillator, military-grade build spec, can run on 1 9V battery or standard center-negative 9v PSU. I own a number of JMTs and this was my third DNVO1. (We're also parting with two of our UNVO1s--click on "seller's other items" to check them out. They're in equally pristine condition.) Ships with full factory warranty, in OB with panel diagram.

Part synth, part sound design module, the DNVO1 is an extremely powerful desktop synth for the virtuosic creation of leads, drones, basslines, evolving textures and repeating cycles of any shape or duration. In addition to its proprietary wide range VCO, it features 3 sub-oscillators. The sub-oscillators on JMT do not simply provide an octave-down accompaniment to the note being played. They are independent voices with their own control signals that each hit different ranges of the main VCO. Each one adds a new layer of sound, color, organic noise and artifacts. It also features a dedicated noise generator with level control, and JMT's proprietary Envelope/Waveform Generator. When enabled, the Waveform generator has its own A/R envelope and is used to create cycling patterns and slow, morphing backgrounds. In addition to the EG and Blend controls, a 2 position Mix/Repeat switch and three Random Speed Trigger knobs shape the Wave Generator output. 'Repeat' will loop the current envelope at any duration. 'Mix' will repeat the envelope but add varying degrees of randomness and fluctuation determined by the 3 Random Speed Trigger knobs. All of this is done with voltage; there is no buffer or sampling taking place. Enabling the Waveform generator, creating an envelope and setting it to Mix creates the ultimate non-repeating drone generator, which can be used to create new phrasings and levels of fluctuation, especially as the sub-oscillators are added in. When the time comes, the Waveform generator can be disabled (or not) and the CV in can be used to sequence the VCO and create extremely fat bass, lead and drone sounds. The DNVO plays extremely well with the SQ-1, Beatstep Pro, Rucci 8-step sequencer, Doepfer DarkTime and others. Mixing CV programming via, for example, the Beatstep Pro, while enabling the Waveform Generator, sub-oscillators and pattern controls is but one way to create unique patterns and textures.

While ideally suited for improvisation in free jazz, noise, ambient and experimental rock contexts, the DNVO's expansive controls also make it ideal for live film/video scoring, video game design, or any other sfx application. That said, this is not a set-it-and-forget-it drone box and is at its best when it's being explored as a unique instrument. It's one of JMT's most complex collections of circuits and, along with the UNVO-1, has pretty much blown the lid off of what synths in this form factor can be expected to do. Occasional comparisons to the current Trogotronics mini-synths do the JMTs a disservice. These are not noise weapons to beat the complacent into submission or challenge the ideological state apparatus. They're extremely musical instruments that reward their own kind of virtuosity and take "drone synths" and "noise synths" to the next level."

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