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Monday, October 07, 2019

JMT SYNTH KD-2 + CASIO VL-1 music by Tomoe Inoue

Published on Oct 7, 2019 JMT SYNTH

The KD-2 was featured in this Perfect Circuit video back in 2018.

via jmtsynth

"Center minus DC9V adapter or effector that applies battery-driven analog drum synth circuit.

The sound input from the input is input to the drum synthesizer circuit with built-in filter when the EFEECT switch is turned on and hits the top of the main unit, or in response to the GATE / TRIGGER input from TRI IN, the sound is released from mute and set by SUSTAIN. It rises and sinks and disappears.

Since SWEEP is applied to the filter, the effect changes depending on the CUT OFF and RESONANCE knob settings. The effect is like a wah.

CV IN allows CV input to the filter.
The built-in function to convert GATE into an optimal signal for analog drum TRIGGER will respond correctly to both TRIGGER and GATE.

When inputting a piezo or drum pad trigger to TRIG IN, it is necessary to open the back cover and turn off the internal slide switch. In that case, the built-in piezo will be turned off and will not respond even if you hit the body.

When the EFFECT switch is turned OFF, the INPUT sound is bypassed to OUTPUT.

KD-2 runs on only DC9V negative center.

The signal from INPUT is mute while "effect" is on.And to tap the case or the external trigger from "TRI IN" make the signal sounds and turn dowm as the time setting by "SUSTAIN" level.

this cirucuit is from the analog synth drum with no oscillator but "INPUT".

"SWEEP" makes "wah"sound with "CUT OFF" and "RESONANCE".
CV IN is for VCF(band pass and low pass filter).

​check out the demo.

​19800 yen

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