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Friday, October 04, 2019

TEISCO (Kawai) SX-210 Polyphonc Synthesizer 8 Voice w/ SSM Filters SN T-7267

via this auction

"Super rare US/CANADA Voltage - Teisco branded SX-210 8 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer!
Most of these are branded with the Kawai name on them, this is is a true Teisco branded unit and 117vac!

SSM 2044 FILTERS !!!

The Kawai SX-210 (also manufactured under the name of Teisco) was widely ignored when released back in 1983 and is actually quite an underrated synthesizer. The SX-210 uses VCOs (1 per voice) with traditional analog VCF (filter) and VCA envelope generators. It features 8-voice polyphony, a 4-voice mode using 2 VCO per voice, and a monophonic unison lead mode (8 stacked oscillators!!). The SX-210 certainly stacks up well against the more popular Roland Juno-60 and Korg Polysix synths.

Program changes are entered using a global "Increment" wheel sort of like those used on the Roland Alpha Juno series. Fortunately its implementation is much better on the SX-210 - just hit a parameter switch and adjust the dial to the desired value or effect. There are 32 memory patches. The oscillator section offers 3 waveforms, a sub-osc and PWM control plus a noise generator. The low pass VCF (filter) has its own ADSR envelope generator. There's also a high pass filter. The LFO can modulate both VCO, VCF and VCA, all at the same time! It is also one of the only synths to feature both glissando and portamento.

The SX-210 is pretty rare, only a few thousand may have been made. This rarity and its capable sound quality make it a great find, but it won't replace the Roland Juno or Korg Poly synths.

This unit is used, has a BRAND NEW - NOS Microcomputer board / section installed which included a brand new memory battery.
The unit has some minor wear and light scratches typical for gear of its age. Some of the buttons need cleaning as they dont always work, others work every time.
The LED display works but some of the characters display oddly at times, it does not affect playability of the synth so I never messed with that.
No knobs, slider caps, or switch/button caps are missing, it is complete. Selling it because I have 3 of these and don't play them much anymore.

VINTAGE ANALOG POLYSYNTH from 1983! And as such, it is sold as is, exactly as you see in the photos.
A CDr Disc will be included which contains PDF copies of the Owners Manual AND Service Manual."

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