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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Exclusively Analogue 'The Aviator' Analogue Modular Mono Synth SN 0029

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You can find audio demos of one here, and a video of a black panel model here. See the Exclusively Analogue label at the bottom of this post for more.

"Used, serviced and very rare Exclusively Analogue 'The Aviator' analogue mono modular synthesiser

Built by Tony Wride who was also known for E-mu modular clones in the mid 90's

power is set to 220V European power

Full Description:

Exclusively Analogue is pleased to announce the return of The Aviator. This custom built analogue synthesizer module is the product of years of experience working with classic analogue synthesizers and combines some of the best features from many of these instruments. It is unique in its combination of Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Voltage Controlled Multi-mode Filters and patchability. A total of 50 knobs allow instant adjustment of all of the synthesizer parameters while 44 min jack sockets allow the sort of patchability normally only found on expensive Modular systems. The ‘Aviator’ is a CV and Gate instrument, just like its ancestors and contains no digital parts. It can be used in the midi environment by linking MIDI to CV convertor.

The features of The Aviator include:

3 Voltage Controlled Oscillators

Providing Pulse, Triangle, Sine & Sawtooth waveforms with switchable Footage selection, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation and Output Level controls. VC01 & VC02 can be synced. VC03 can be set to be controlled independent of VC01 &VC02

2 Multi-Mode Voltage Controlled Filters

These filters are 12db/Octave Multi-mode units allowing far more sound creation capabilities than the usual single Mode Low Pass filters found on most units. A rotary control enables you to change between Modes ‘on the fly’. Each Filter has its own dedicated Envelope Generator and Voltage Controlled Amplifier allowing independent operation.

1 24db/Octove Low Pass Voltage Controlled Filter

VCF1 can be switched into a special 24db/Octave Low Pass Mode utilising a third custom VCF to create classic MOOG type sound.

2 Envelope Generators

Each assigned to a VCF but able to be gated individually. A toggle switch allows the speed of the EGs to increase with an increase in pitch.

1 Envelope Shaper

Used normally to control the two Voltage Controlled Amplifiers. Pitch Track available.

4 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

VCA” is normally controlled with VCA! By the Envelope Shaper but can be controlled independently. VCA3 is on the output of the LFO allowing voltage control of the LFO amount while VCA4 is in the accessories section.

1 Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator

The ability to control the speed of the LFO and its output level with control voltages allows some quite amazing effects. Independent waveform outputs also provided.

1 Sample and Hold

Utilising the Noise source and the LFO this unit provides random voltage outputs. The LFO clock can be overridden by plugging into the S&H clock mini-jack allowing the voltage changes to be controlled by an external clock.

1 Pulse Width Modulation Low Frequency Oscillator

Independent of the LFO

1 Noise Source

With level control

1 External Input

Allows other instruments to be processed through the Aviators’ filters.

The Aviator has been pre-patched in the classic analogue synth format so all that is a required is a CV and Gate input. The 44 mini-jack sockets can be used to create some non-standard routing of both signals and control voltages. Using these sockets it is possible to use VCO3, VCF2, EG2 and VCA2 as an independent synthesizer thus the ‘Aviator’ can become two synthesizers!!"

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