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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Random Source La Bestia II Demos

Published on Nov 5, 2019 Jae Ryan

Two demos by Jae Ryan. Also see La Bestia 2 by Random Source - overview, sounds, music by HAINBACH.

Video descriptions:

1. Random Source La Bestia II - 01
I got my first Serge panel in yesterday! It's a La Bestia II and I have to say. I regret waiting this long. As far as an "analog modular" panel goes, I think this one is just perfect. It took a little time to get going with all the serge patching requirements, but the arrival couldn't be any more rewarding :D
2. Random Source La Bestia II - 02
Another quick serge jam. The battery in my camera died so I kinda rushed it to get the gist.
I'm pinging the VCFQ with the SQ-1 and feeding it into the mixer. I also took two more outs from the filter and ran them separately into different sections of the wave multipliers. That's the second 2 sounds I bring in. It's crazy how much variety you can get out of a single "voice" when you have a panel this deep!
Later I bring in a little bit of the NTO into the variable slope with some random voltage modulating the decay time to give it a little feel :)
3. Random Source La Bestia II - 03
Another little plummy patch. Once again, I was too lazy to actually record and just recorded a still after the fact......
4. Random Source La Bestia II - 04
A big ol' drone this time with pretty much everything controlled by a self cycling SSG LFO. The main "big" bass part that comes in is the Variable Slope VCF self oscillating (thanks to some feedback patching) & ran through the bottom wave multiplier.
5. Random Source La Bestia II - 05
A lil' serge jam in which I explore AM. Eventually.

There's also a little bit of cocoquantus drone that plays in the beginning.

I'm using couple distings in a euroack skiff to quantize the stepped side of the SSG & the bass notes of the TKB too.
6. Random Source La Bestia II - 06
Serge drone patched up immediately after the last video.

Heavy use of the OTO BAM in this one.

Disting MK4 is quantizing the TKBs voltages.
7. Random Source La Bestia II - 07
I've had the serge put away for a little bit in order to explore some new gear while I wait for my Edelweiss panel to show up. I was craving the sound tonight though and decided to pull it out for this quick little ditty. I even took the time to set up the camera!

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