MATRIXSYNTH: Undertow - Mimeophon, Morphagene, VCV Rack, O Coast, Neutron

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Undertow - Mimeophon, Morphagene, VCV Rack, O Coast, Neutron

Published on Nov 3, 2019 Omri Cohen

"'I've recorded a whole session and all I got is this stupid thumbnail'... Yeah, I was stupid enough to delete the wrong folder so all the footage I got left is this one picture I took so unfortunately, there's no video of the performance this time. Anyway, I also sing a bit in this one and the lyrics are from Undertow by Leonard Cohen. It was all recorded live and there are some patch notes further down. Here are the lyrics:

I set out one night
When the tide was low
There were signs in the sky
But I did not know
I'd be caught in the grip
Of the undertow
Ditched on a beach
Where the sea hates to go
With a child in my arms
And a chill in my soul
And my heart the shape
Of a begging bowl

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You can get the WAV file of thie performance and also the indivisual stems on my Patreon page -
and also the VCV Rack patch file -

Patch notes:
- In VCV Rack I have Rainbow (4ms SMR) going into Clouds creating this organic pad.
- I've used the Make Noise Mimeophon as a synth voice and played it with the Keystep, recording it into a looper in VCV Rack.
- Rainbow is also sending pitch information to the Wave oscillator from Blamsoft for another layer of the pad.
- In VCV Rack I have the NoteSeq from JW sending 8 notes to a sequential switch and from there to the O Coast. So the O Coast is playing this fast arpeggio that I bring in and out at certain times and it's going through Chronoblob 2 in VCV Rack for a nice ling delay.
- For the bass, I'm using Basal from Vult and the Neutron, using another sequential switch to send different notes sequentially. The Neutron is also going through Chronoblob 2 and Plateau in VCV Rack.
- I'm recording my voice with the Zoom H6 directly into the Morphagene so as soon as I'm done singing, the Morphagene plays back the mangled version. I didn't have any more inputs in VCV Rack left for the Morphagene so I had to send it directly to the DAW and add some reverb and such there, but it was recorded live with the patch itself.
- The same Note Sequencer is sending another arpeggio to an FM voice with a couple of FM-OPs in VCV Rack."

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