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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vtg Hammond NOVACHORD, The RAREST Polyphonic Tube Synthesizer / Organ No 260 (?)

via this auction

I almost skipped posting this one due to the condition, but reader Joe Klaw spotted it and sent it in. You don't see these often. If you don't know what a Novachord is, see here for additional posts.

via the listing: "Cosmetic wise the Amps are in Excellent Shape. I have no way to test them.
On November 20, 2019 I add the following about the amplifiers ("It appears that one of the 4A7 tubes (or whatever the number is) is missing from one of the amplifiers, I will look around here to see if I can find it. For now consider it to be missing and bid accordingly."

The exterior of the galleys show rust as seen in pics. The Inside of the the galleys are much nicer. The underside of the galleys appear excellent. There has been no "leakage" of the electronics anywhere as far as I can see. The cabinet was "Antiqued" when I got it. Much of that on the top flat surfaces is gone and it is down to the raw wood, so refinishing would not be as difficult as when I first got it....

Top of the cabinet is rough, but it is all there though some of the thinner sections have come unglued I saved everything so it could be rebuilt, It came apart as I tried to lift the lid off to view the cabinet electronics. The base appears to be sound though the legs are showing come cracks at their longitudinal glue joints. One Foot is damaged as seen in the picture.

Both Jensen Speakers are there, but the cones are of course gone.

Black and White Keys all have good "action" and "ping" nicely. I did not try to operate any of the console levers.

It's all here, just ready for some serious TLC.

Labels that were on the backside of the top cabinet are rough.
I could not find the Plate with the serial number. I am guessing it is 260 because that number is stamped on the inside right side of the cabinet. I remember last time I moved it I took photos and had pics of the plate but that camera is long gone.

I have owned it about 20 years and bought it at a local estate auction."

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