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Custom JMT UNVO-1 (Drone)

Published on Dec 15, 2019 Kris Lennox

"- EDIT TO ADD - I just heard that Gershon Kingsley passed away. Sad to hear; I spoke to Gershon a number of times last year in relation to his piano music (Gershon improvised at piano, so no scores existed; I was transcriber for his works). The transcription project remained unfinished/my contact was with Gershon directly, so if Gershon's publishers happen across this and are looking to speak RE his scores, they can drop me a line via my email ( I've posted one of his score samples here for verification -

In any instance, all best to his family.

To the video at hand:

A short while back I was working on quite a large-scale/major project that required copious quantities of noise; possibly the finest noise synth presently on the market (with the most diverse range of noise-based sounds) is the JMT UNVO-1. I contacted Tetsuji and asked him if he'd build me a custom/modified model, which is what you are seeing here.

Great instrument. Very powerful oscillators. I'll upload some videos demonstrating the 'noise' side of the UNVO-1 (in context with other instruments etc), but the included is possibly more accessible as a first listen/introduction to the instrument.

Tetsuji's instruments are quite impeccable - and his attention to detail is on another level. Granted, the uses of an instrument such as this are relatively limited, but if you're working on a noise-based sound design project, it is a no-brainer.

I asked Tetsuji to build the case in olive drab, as when used as a noise synth, it is distinctly reminiscent of an old military radio (pure noise through to squelch sounds etc). Tetsuji agreed that the aesthetic works well for the synth.

I also suggested he take some photos from during the build phase: he sent a few through, and I also have a selection of the innards that I took when the synth arrived. Once I have it ready, I'll upload a small article/include a link. In the meantime, here's a link to Tetsuji's website where you can see my custom order -

I picked up a few instruments for the project; some off-the-shelf, others custom-built. In the new year I'll probably add a few here on YT.


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