MATRIXSYNTH: Album track improvisation/performance (Eurorack Analog Jamuary)

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Album track improvisation/performance (Eurorack Analog Jamuary)

Published on Jan 5, 2020 DreamsOfWires

"Something I'm working in for the next 'tomorrow the cure' album, just a rough, improvised, preliminary version, so it may change a lot, but this is my work flow nowadays. The album will be all live/real-time recordings, just like the last one.

LIVE SHOWS: I'll be performing a short live set at this year's Superbooth 20 in Berlin, in case anyone was thinking of going. It's a very big event with lots of vendors and new gear to drool over.

PATCH BREAKDOWN: All synth sounds are from an AJH Synth Eurorack Modular system, which is used here as a 2-voice instrument.

The drone sound is one VCO passing through the Wave Swarm, then into the Ring SM's mixer, where 2 sub-octaves and an upper octave are added from the Ring SM itself, plus pink noise from the Glide + Noise module. The combined output is passed through the Sonic XV filter, where the wave-shaping functionality is used to alter the timbre of the sound significantly, and the cutoff frequency is adjusted manually throughout the recording. The amount of noise at the Ring SM is also reduced early on, then increased at the end.

The lead sound is 2 VCO's (square waves with PWM), the pitch of one is being shifted down 2 octaves or up 9 notes at various points in the recording by the Precision Voltages module, which provides convenient, instant selection of chosen note intervals. The sound is then filtered by the Ladder Filter, and is also used for the 'arp' sequence in the final part of the performance. Throughout the performance the envelope's modulation of the filter is being manually tweaked.

MY MUSIC: My existing analog synth albums can be found here:
GEAR USED: Recorded on an iPad using AUM, Dubstation2 delay, and ShimmerFX reverb. Video assembled on an iPad, which isn't easy, and lacks storage space, hence no additional footage as was common in my earlier videos. If or when I can get my MacBook repaired I'll return to making videos more similar to those I've made in the past. Fortunately my camera still works :/

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