MATRIXSYNTH: XOR Electronics NerdSeq Eurorack Sequencer Review Tutorial Part-7 with Demo of Sample Loading & more

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

XOR Electronics NerdSeq Eurorack Sequencer Review Tutorial Part-7 with Demo of Sample Loading & more

Published on Jan 14, 2020 SonicVoltage

You can find additional parts in the series here.

"In this Eurorack Modular XOR NerdSeq Review PART 7 we look at:
- How to find info on NerdSeq features in previous videos
- Features we will cover soon
- NerdSeq Fonts Choice
- NerdSeq Custom Colours setting, saving, resetting
- How to change any of the NerdSeq Modular Sequencer Tracks from 1 V/Oct to 1.2V/Oct (e.g. to control vintage Yamaha Synths) and Hz/Octave (e.g. to control vintage Korg synths)
- Sample Blocks, Creating and Saving multiple Sample Sets, Loading a different Sample Block of 12 Samples while the sequencer in playing.
- Sample Pre-Listen (sample preview) from SD Card
- Scoop? :)
- Thanks!

XOR Electronics NerdSeq - PART 7 - INDEX:
00:00 It's good to be back... let's go!
00:34 Today and next with NerdSeq
01:22 Quick NerdSeq MIDI test-jam preview (JP8080, Radias)
02:32 Are you new to NerdSeq? Find what you need here...

03:13 NerdSeq New Fonts options. New Fonts and Colours Editing Screen. What I think about it and why. Fonts examples

06:09 NerdSeq Colour Editing Screen: why is this great? Colour Editing example of screen elements

10:51 Saving your screen colour editing and resetting to default

11:16 Changing the Notes Scaling for any NerdSeq Modular Sequencer Track from 1 V/Oct to 1.2V Oct (e.g. vintage Yamaha) or to HZ/Oct (e.g. Korg MS20) - Please share your experience with this in the comments below.

12:26 Sample Tracks... Sample Loading enhancements. Create and Save SampleBlocks. How to (hide) Load a different Sample Block (12 samples) Live while your sequencer is running to mitigate the 200Kb sample set limitation

17:39 Sample Pre-Listen: preview samples from Sample Block screen and directly from SD Card before adding a new sample to the Set
18:32 A word of 'Warning' about using Sample Pre-Listen
19:52 Link to the Jam Track mentioned in the video

20:45: SCOOP NEWS! and some final words :)

Thank You!"

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