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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ambient Space Music // AE Modular Synth // Solina, Algodrone, etc. #TTNM

Published on Feb 22, 2020 THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES

"I upgraded my AE Modular synth, so here is my first jam with the new SOLINA String Ensemble and ALGODRONE Bytebeat generator ...


Patch notes (also in video):
The ALGODRONE's preset 55 is running very slow and its loop trigger output is used as master clock, feeding into the MMDIVIDER. From there several envelopes are triggered, modulating individual filter cutoff frequencies for four voices (ALGODRONE, SOLINA and two VCOs). I'm using all the available AE Modualr filters: NYLE, WASP, SVFILTER and the new MS-20 filter.

For CV generation and processing I'm mixing two triangle wave LFOs, an offset voltage and the ALGODRONE's output with a prototype of an upcoming polarizing CV mixer module. This one feeds into another prototype of a dual offset/attenuverter for further tweaking. From there the CVs go into two S&Hs and from there those CVs, as well as a direct outputs of the aforementioned modules are spread across the patch to modulate SOLINA chord variantion, ALGODRONE parameters, etc.

It's all very chaotic and slow and I really just tweak the "POLARMIX" CV mixer, the "CV TOOLS" dual offset/attenuverter and the master audio mixer knobs.

Check out the AE Modualr forums here for more information and discussion:

There is also an AE MOdular Wiki:"

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