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Sunday, February 02, 2020

ORGON SYSTEMS Enigiser Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

"Custom build by Geoff Waterstone

It’s not very often these will come up for sale, more so because only 6 were in existence.

If you’re looking at this advert you may know of Orgon Systems cult following most notably for its Enigiser filter commented and admired by many a forum.

In the time I have had it its been well looked after and mid 2019 I had both the modulars serviced by Kent Spong and this without schematics, as they do not exist!

This could be a once in a lifetime purchase and if you’re a modular lover or collector could be the only time you will see one of these. I have had several requests in the past for pictures of the boards and especially the filter module for clone duplication which I have respectfully declined. There’s a charm and history surrounding the build of this machine which I have chosen to respect given these were not supplied with any manuals or schematics by its creator.

Below are the modules on the unit, which also run on 220v.

I am happy to ship this worldwide, and you are of course also welcome to collect once funds have cleared.

The unit will be packed extremely well, double sided card, bubble wrap, foam fillers, plenty of room between the unit and box...I want this to be safely received at the final destination.


3 x Voltage Controlled Oscillators

· Rock stable design. No temperature drift. Excellent scaleaccuracy-upto 10 octaves.

· Unique, rich and powerful sound quality.

· Able to hold a true zero beat for hours.

· Coarse and fine tune controls.

· Sawtooth, sine, triangle and PWM waveform outputs.

· Exceptionally accurate 1 volt per octave tracking. (0v to 10v).

· Exponential modulation input.

· Linear FM input

· Pulsewidth modulation input (0% to 100% duty cycle).

· PWM Shape control (0% to 100% duty cycle).

· Oscillator sync (Absolutely awsome sounding!)

1 x Enigiser Filter

· Variable multipole filter design unique to Orgon Systems.

· Taken directly from the Orgon Systems Enigiser Synthesizer.

· Voltage Controlled Resonance

· 2 X signal inputs

· 2 X control voltage inputs (filter frequency).

· 1 X resonance control voltage input.

· 25 switchable filter responses!!

6 dB oct lowpass

12 dB oct lowpass

18 dB oct lowpass

24 dB oct lowpass

Phase shifter 1

6 dB oct highpass

6 dB oct bandpass

12 dB oct bandpass

18 dB oct bandpass

Phase shifter and bandpass

6dB notch

6 dB lowpass scattered poles

12 dB lowpass scattered pole

18 dB lowpass scattered pole

Narrow phase shift

2 x Voltage Controlled Amplifier with Log & Lin Response

· High spec VCA with logarithmic & linear switchable responses.

· 2 signal inputs with gain controls.

· 2 control voltage inputs with gain controls.

· Initial gain control.

· Will work with audio and control voltages (AC or DC).

1 x Multimode VCF

· Orgon Systems take on the classic state variable filter.

· Fully resonant to oscillation.

· 4 simultaneous outputs (lowpass, highpass, bandpass & notch).

· 2 signal inputs with gain controls.

· 2 control voltage inputs with gain control (cutoff frequency).

· Cutoff and resonance controls.

· Extremely Fat and energetic sounding filter.

4 x ADSR Envelope Generator

· Ultra fast response <1ms · Full ADSR response · Gait input & gait through sockets · Manual trigger button · Attack state gate output with led (useful for gate delays or multi-stage envelopes) · Decay state gate output with led (useful for gate delays multi-stage envelopes) · Release state gate output (useful for gate delays multi-stage envelopes) 2 x Dual LFO · 0.001 Hz to 300 Hz · 2 rate controls · 2 rate led's · 2 shape controls (pulsewidth & ramp up triangle ramp down) · 2 square / pulse outputs · 2 triangle / ramp outputs 1 x Noise Generator · White, red, pink & blue outputs 1 x Sample and Hold 2 x Mixer · 4 signal or control voltage inputs · Works with AC or DC · Output level control 2 x Wave Animator · This design is unique to Orgon Systems and allows control of positive & negative waveshapes with clipping & offset manipulation. You can also subtract the output signal from the original input signal. · Drive control (controls the amount of clipping) · Positive & negative shape controls (controls the amount of waveform clipping & offset) · Offset CV (controls wave symmetry with a bi-polar control voltage) · Subtracts the output signal from the original input signal. · This unique module is very hard to sum up in words as it treads into sonic territory not discovered before! Hearing really is believing. Can actually make 1 oscillator sound like 3 or turn a sign wave into a square wave and pulsewidth modulate it at the same time or chop the top off triangle waves and subtract them from the original signal. You get the idea anything is possible. 1 x Multi Connection · 3 rows of 5 multi connections 1 x PSU"

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