MATRIXSYNTH: The Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Analogue Power Synth (song)

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Analogue Power Synth (song)

Published on Feb 10, 2020 rezfilter

"Take it up a notch!

Use headphones or studio monitors for the best listening experience!

Here's a multi-tracked track assembled using only the Vostok 2020's synth sounds. These sounds only scratch the surface of the Vostok's true modular architecture and capabilities. But, it was fun nonetheless. ;)

This track relied heavily on the Vostok 2020's two onboard sequencers (analogue and MIDI note sequencer) to create the modulated analogue sequences and rhythms you hear throughout. Individual Vostok tracks were laid down in Logic Pro.

The Vostok 2020 is a 3-oscillator Power Synth with a real spring reverb and an amazing pin matrix. It is also rack-mountable and includes the following features:

-MIDI note sequencer.
-MIDI to CV Converter with Velocity CV.
-3 Oscillators with Saw, Square, Pulse Width.
-Sub Oscillators.
-Ring Modulation.
-2 VC LFOs with Saw, reverse Saw, Square, Triangle.
-CV / Gate step sequencer.
-Moving coil signal meter.
-Joystick controller.
-2 Envelope generators each with repeat feature.
-White noise.
-Sample and hold.
-Unity gain mixer.
-Multi-mode VCF.
-Pin matrix!
-Spring Reverb (3 real springs!)
-Rear panel jack patch point.
-Optional rack mount.
-All analogue voice & modulation circuits



  1. Nice to see your blog being mentioned on the frontpanel.
    It says Matrixsynth underneath the patch matrix.

    1. Yep. :) Pretty cool, but no affiliation. I started the old in 97. Analogue Solutions' matrixsynth is in reference to the pin matrix in their original Vostok which came later.



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