MATRIXSYNTH: Some info on the Upcoming Buchla Modules (100, 200, and Easel)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Some info on the Upcoming Buchla Modules (100, 200, and Easel)

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child, on muffs.

Post by Eric Fox of Buchla U.S.A. You can find a recent interview with Eric Fox here.

"Hey everyone!

I appreciate the interest in what it is we’re working on. Although I don’t spend too much time on the forum, with all of the announcements and imminent release of Easel Commands into the wild it is probably a good idea for me to poke my head up once in awhile :)
Let’s see if I can quickly shed some light on a few things:

Easel vs Easel Command- When I refer to a “full” Easel, I am indeed referring to the classic configuration of some form of 208+218+Case. Just like what we did with the 208C, the 218 and case needs to be updated in order to make them better, more consistent, and have the ability to scale production based on demand. We’re actively working on these and hopefully I can make an official announcement with details this summer.

Easel Preset Manager- Joel, Darren, and Charles are now working on this one. Those guys are the masters at this stuff, so I’m gonna hopefully have the official rundown of what all it can do soon. While it will be different physically than iProgram Card, it’s my understanding that the the new UX from a software angle might be able to be an update for the iProgram card. I’ll stop talking now about it since those guys will yell at me for not knowing what I’m talking about. We’ll make a clear announcement about this soon :)

200 and 100 reissues- These full-size recreations are being headed up by Jon Nenson (The Human Comparator) and our own in-house designer, Charles Seeholzer. We were planning on having (5) 200 models to show off at SB. These certainly won’t be the only 200’s we offer... but it’s a little difficult to launch 20+ models all at the same time! We insist on making them as good as they can be. Otherwise, what’s the point? Releasing a handful at a time just makes the most sense so that each model can get the proper attention they deserve. If you don’t see your favorite one in this first run, just know that it will probably not be that far behind. Patience young grasshoppers.

Clones vs Official- To clarify, the point I’m trying to make is in regards to not wanting someone to think poorly of any brand based on the possibility that they are playing with a shitty, poorly built, corner-cutting diy project from god knows where. Please don’t confuse that statement with the fact that I know there absolutely are quality builds out there that do a great job of really capturing the true spirit of the original design. I’m friends with a lot of those who are considered some of the best at doing this and that’s why I choose to partner with them when possible. I know that I have the best resources out of anyone to do this right including involving actual people who were there alongside Don when these were being developed. If Buchla can offer a consistently high-quality official version that comes with full warranty/support and it helps support some of the “Associates” who were there with Don... seems like that’s the right way to do it. No shade being thrown at those using quality built products intended.

Who is “Dave”?- All I’ll say is that it is being renamed to “Don’s Barber Shop” as per the request of some of those who were closest with Don.

I hope I didn’t create more questions than answers! If there is a real pressing question you need answered, just hit me up directly and I’ll do my best to answer with the best available info I have and feel free to share my responses with the rest of the class :)

Thanks for your passion. Stay safe+sanitary+sane
-Eric Fox"

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