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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Theme Ospital soundtrack - Remix with Roland Jupiter 6

Published on Mar 22, 2020 mima14031985

"This is a different video compared to the others I usually do. I did a complete remix of the Theme Ospital's game soundtrack, using custom sounds that I made with my Roland Jupiter 6. For the drum tracks I used the GM drumset of my Roland RD700GX digital piano. My reference on how these tunes sound is them being played by a Yamaha OPL3 FM synthesizer, driven with the standard Windows driver's GM set, this reflects a bit on how some sounds are made. The electric piano and some basses are examples of that. For other sounds I preferred a more classic analog vibe, brasses and strings/pads are typical of the analog world.

To record the soundtrack I used the game's original MIDI files. I imported them into Reaper and did one track a time by driving the keyboards via MIDI and recording back the audio coming from them. To make the final result easy on the ear I added a bit of reverb to the master mix. You'll notice that some parts are in stereo (mainly the electric piano lines and background pads/strings), for these I recorded the same MIDI track two times, with the Jupiter's master tune a little different each time, and hard panned each of the two parts to left and right. This allows to achieve a cool "wide stereo spread" effect.

For those who own a Jupiter 6, here's the patch dump:

To make the video I chose to do a multitrack oscilloscope show, and I made it using the SIDWiz2 program, made by Rolf R. Bakke and RushJet1. This is a neat little piece of computer jargon! Check their Youtube channels, they're full of those awesome multitrack oscilloscope shows.

Here's the playlist:

00:09 - 1) Steady Pulse
03:34 - 2) 6's and 7's
07:02 - 3) Night Shift
10:10 - 4) Atlantis
13:28 - 5) Fortune
15:49 - 6) Doctor Frog
17:21 - 7) Candyfloss
18:47 - 8) On The Mend

As always, I hope you like it. Please feel free to comment :-)"

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