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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Bleepy Machine Groove

Published on Apr 21, 2020 Urs Heckmann

Urs Heckmann of U-he software on heurorack.

"4 Oscillators FMing each other through CVilization acting as 4 x 4 sequential switch.

This is an experimental patch that I wanted to try for a while: 4 Oscillators are plugged into CVilization, which then is plugged back into the FM inputs of the oscillators. CVz' Sequential Switch mode then distributes a different oscillator to FM any other with each clock step, resulting in complex FM patterns.

After some tweaking, at some point I found this bass groove which kind of seemed noteworthy. As I hadn't set this up in a proper studio, I simply used my phone to record the video while tweaking. I reckon the lofi video experience matches the randomness of the music quite nicely.

Patch Notes:

CVilization in 4 x 4 Sequential Switch mode
MI Grids for rhythm and clock
4 x Mini Mod Osc by AJH, feeding through CVz into themselves, and into 2 VCFs/VCAs for 2 dual voices with 2 VCOs each
Filters by AJH (Mini Mod) and Make Noise (QPas, used in stereo)
VCA by Intellijel (uVCA) and Make Noise (X-Pan)
Intellijel Quadrax for envelopes, triggered by Grids
Additional sequencing and by Xaoc (Moskwa, Tirana)
Erica PicoDrums for base drum
Xaoc Praga for Mixing
Erica PicoDSP for reverb
Alright Devices Chronoblob 2 for delay"

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