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Friday, April 10, 2020

ROLAND SH-5 - "A Sample & Hold Odyssey" | Experimental Sounds & Synth Demo

Published on Apr 10, 2020 synth4ever

"Demo of the Roland SH-5 analog synthesizer with a focus on S&H tweaking and experimental sound patches. This Roland SH-5 synth demo features extensive use of Sample & Hold generator + oscillator, LFO, filter, mixer, noise, ring modulator and other adjustments to showcase various sounds and patches on the Roland SH-5.

The Roland SH-5 is an iconic and rare vintage monophonic synthesizer that was manufactured from 1976-1981. It features 2 VCOs (32' to 2' with triangle, saw, square and pulse waveforms), 2 LFOs (LFO1 = saw, reverse saw; LFO2 = triangle, sine, square) and 1 S&H with sample time & delay time.

The Roland SH 5 also has 2 VCF filters: 1 multimode LP/BP/HP and 1 Bandpass, both with cutoff and resonance. 2 Envelopes (1 AR and 1ADSR) can be routed to filter, osc and amp, and there is env sensitivity and keyboard tracking on the filter. On the back of the SH-5 are various inputs/outputs for CV and other control.

Additional Roland SH5 features include portamento, pitch bend, ring modulation, soft & hard sync, white & pink noise, external audio input, VCA panning, VCA-triggering via S&H, LFO2 or external trigger. A comprehensive mixer section allows for routing of 5 audio signals through VCF, VCF+BPF, BPF, or direct to VCA.

The Roland SH-5 is a classic vintage synthesizer that can output massive bass, piercing resonance, create amazing textures/noise/FX, and of course leads and other standard tones. The additional bandpass filter is also a key feature that sets the Roland SH-5 apart from many other synths in terms of tone.

Roland SH-5 are becoming increasingly rare on the second hand market, often commanding high prices as many consider it to be the pinnacle (alongside System 100) in sound for early portable vintage Roland monosynths. If you have the opportunity to try a Roland SH-5, do not hesitate as it is a fantastic instrument."

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