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Friday, May 08, 2020

Roland System 100m | Nexus

Published on May 8, 2020 Alex Ball

Break down video further below.

"Following on from the 'closer look' video [posted here], here's a full performance with the Roland System 100m from 1979.

I tried to demonstrate the versatility of a setup like this by making things like full drum kits, squelchy basses, phased and delayed textures with sequenced filter mod, synth guitars, ring mod nastiness, audio rate down-sampled formants, voltage processed LFOs, lush Jupiter-esque polyphony, a singing and gliding lead, sounds that can't really be described and more.

Many sounds were also created in groups together at one time because you can!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that there were actually five 191-J cabs used in the video, although only four at one time.

Across those cabs we had the following modules (and duplicates thereof) and I used every single one of them at some point in the demo.

110 VCO / VCF / VCA
112 Dual VCO
121 Dual Filter
130 Dual VCA
131 Output Mixer
132 Voltage Processor / Mixer
140 Dual Envelope / LFO
150 Ring Mod / S&H / Noise / LFO
165 Dual Portamento
172 Phaser / Audio Delay / Gate Delay / LFO
182 Sequencer
184 Polyphonic 4CV Keyboard*

The only original modules not present are:
173 Signal Gate / Multi
174 Parametric EQ

*The original 184 keyboard arrived in the mail right when I was finishing recording and filming this track, so you only see me using it in one section at the end. I thought I'd explain this for those of you wondering why I used the Arturia KeyStep Pro for almost all of the keyboard duties instead of the original top-of-the-line keyboard. (Side note - the new KeyStep is fantastic).

Other gear used:
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Roland RE-5 Digital Space Echo
Arturia KeyStep Pro
Ibanez RM-80 Mixer
Ibanez Jem 7DBK
Alvarez ABT60 Baritone Acoustic
TR-808 clap sample
TR-606 Hi-Hats
Oberheim DXa (final choruses)

Mixed by Jakob at Sonic Peak Studio. He breaks down the mix of this track here:"

Behind The Mix : "Nexus" by Alex Ball

Published on May 8, 2020 Sonic Peak Studio

"In this video I'll take the viewer through most of the work that went into creating this mix and master
There's a couple of compressors and details I don't mention, but to keep it within 1 hour, I had to do some sorting.

1:21 Playthrough with solo'ing
6:05 The 1st Kick-Drum, Transient Designer / Shaping
7:52 Snare 1, stereo-widening using the Haas-effect
9:28 Snare 2, Limiting
10:42 The Fat Snare Trick
13:51 The Big Huge Claps
15:35 Some volume-automation in the end
16:16 Bass 1
17:15 1st part Lead-Synth
17:42 Autopanner-tricks
18:56 The Synth-PowerChord
21:02 The Pads, a little about reverbs
23:33 The Missing Breakdown
24:18 The Phaser-Pad in the No-Longer-Missing-Anymore-Breakdown (NLMAB)
25:22 The Formant-Synth
26:08 A Message From Alex Ball.
26:30 The Big Synth-Leads
28:31 The AutoPanner-Trick, used again.
29:34 The Sequencer-Synths, a bit about Limiting.
31:24 The Vocals
32:09 A Vocal-Compressor-Trick, and "My Almost Standard-Vocal Chain"
33:00 Dynamic EQ on Vocals
34:15 Mastering Overview
34:47 Low Cut
34:56 Linear Multiband Compressor (Waves LinMB)
35:26 Waves Vitamin
35:54 Stereo Spread
35:58 L2 Ultramaximizer
36:02 Youlean Metering - To get the right loudness for streaming."

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