MATRIXSYNTH: SOMA Lyra-16: "Valkyries"

Friday, May 22, 2020

SOMA Lyra-16: "Valkyries"

Published on May 22, 2020

Pink Lyra. They are available. See the dealers on the right.

"(Try loud with headphones for the bass) So I was talking to/caught up with a friend recently. He had a play on the Lyra (PS playing a Lyra changes a man), and after his transition to drone, he asked me a good question: "What better instrument is there for drone music than a Lyra-8?".

He challenged me on it, and rephrased the question to "I bet you can't think of a better drone synth than a Lyra-8".

I asked him what the odds were, and we agreed on a cup of coffee for the winner.

I went away and had a think about it for a good 23 minutes or so, after which it dawned on me: better than a Lyra-8 for drone music is... two Lyra-8's.

Obvious, really.

So: I win, and he owes me a coffee :)

PS the included is relatively 'mild'. You should hear it when a line out is taken from each Lyra... into each Lyra. If you've ever seen the movie 'Event Horizon', you'll know what I'm talking about i.e a direct portal to hell. I'll upload an example in the near future. It could create a black hole, but it will be worth the risk as it could help out CERN with their research. And even if we do all perish in the blackness: there's worse ways to depart. I'll see you all there.

PPS the audio/video sync is off on this one. I think it is due to my being zoomed in with the camera. But it'll do for upload purposes.

Enjoy/all best

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