MATRIXSYNTH: 5 Ambient Patchlets with the Basimilus Iteritas Alter

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

5 Ambient Patchlets with the Basimilus Iteritas Alter

Published on Jun 3, 2020 Omri Cohen

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Here are some patch notes:
Patch 1 - 00:00
- I'm triggering the Basimilus with the pulse output of the 1U Noise Tools module, and I'm increasing the rate until I get a constant tone.
- I'm sending THIS to Microcell in Granular mode with lots of reverb.
- In VCV Rack I have the Black Octasource from Erica Synths modulating the harmonics, decay time, and morph of the Basimilus.

Patch 2 - 02:07
- I'm sequencing the Basimilus from VCV Rack with a random sequence.
- I'm multing the Basimilus once into the Mimeophon, and once into Microcell in the Oliverb mode.
- The Rate of the Mimeophon is being modulated twice, once with S&H, and once through the micro input with an LFO.
- I've also recorded the Basimilus into the Morphagene a bit, and I'm playing the sample an octave lower and in revers.

Patch 3 - 03:12
- I'm sequencing the Basimilus with Marbles in VCV Rack.
- It's then going into Magneto in shift mode so it creates those additional notes.
- It then goes into the Microcell for some extra reverb, and from there to Freak with a distortion model.
- I'm also modulating the morph control of the Basimilus with S&H, as well as the reverse function on Magneto.

Patch 4 - 05:04
- I'm sending an arpeggio from VCV Rack to sequence the Basimilus, and it's going through LedRover.
- The signal is being multed into 3 different destinations: Once into the Microcell for some reverb, once into Freak with a HP filter and from there to the Mimeophpon, and once into Arbhar, which continuously records the signal and processes it.

Patch 5 - 07:11
- I'm using a burst generator in VCV Rack to sequence the Basimilus.
- I recorded it onto Arbhar, and I have its built-in reverb on wet to it creates this nice pad.
- I also recorded a short sequence onto Magneto, and I'm playing it one octave lower. I'm also triggering its revers function randomly from VCV Rack.
- I'm also modulating the harmonic, fold, and morph functions of the Basimilus with an LFO in VCV Rack, built after Ochd from DivKid and Instruo.
- The Basimilus is then going through the Mimeophon for delay and Microcell for extra reverb.

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