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Monday, June 22, 2020

Classic Roland Synthesizer: JX-3P and PG200 Demonstration with Roland Jupiter 8 Filter

Electric Cafe

Lots of recognizable riffs in this one. See how many you can recognize. There's no mention of the Jupiter-8 filter. I was curious so I looked it up. See below.

"This video showcases the often overlooked Roland JX-3P classic synthesizer from 1983. It was the first Roland synthesizer to leave the factory with MIDI installed and for quite a lot of money you could buy the PG200 to make sounds more conveniently. With a TR-808, TR-909 hooked up to the onboard sequencer you could make some classic techno, house, trance or any other style of electronic music. The JX-03 Boutique copy was supposed to replace the original for those who didn't want the larger older unit but the sounds are not exactly the same and only four note polyphony it is more limited. The 3P may not have the raw power of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 but it does have a sound that's definitely professional and powerful enough on any track. Moog, Oberheim, ARP, and other synthesizer manufacturers might have the bottom end you need for some music but the JX-3P is a very underrated machine."

RE the Jupiter-8 filter via Wikipedia: "The VCF was based on the custom Roland IR3109 IC (also used in the filter circuits of the Jupiter-6, later Jupiter-4 and Promars units, MKS-80 rev 4, Juno-6/Juno-60/Juno-106, SH-101, MC-202, JX-3P and packaged in the 80017a chip used in the Juno-106 and MKS-30, among others)."

Interesting. They all sound significantly different though... I owned most of these and the JX-3P seemed to have the most unique sound of the lot. It just has a different character about it.

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