MATRIXSYNTH: Frap Tools Brenso & 1010 BitBox Micro Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Jam

Friday, June 26, 2020

Frap Tools Brenso & 1010 BitBox Micro Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Jam

Perfect Circuit

"In this jam we used the new Brenso oscillator from Frap Tools as the main synth voice, the 1010 Music Bitbox Micro is providing the drum samples and the sequencing is provided by the Make Noise 0-CTRL and ALM Pam’s New Workout.

The Brenso is a dual oscillator capable of frequency and amplitude modulation as well as the ability to sync the oscillators to each other. There is also a built in wave shaper that allows you to dynamically control harmonics. The wave shaper section can also be used as a VCA, this allows you to just add an envelope generator and have a complete synth voice. In this video we used the Frap Tools Falistri to generate envelopes to modulate the amplitude and FM amount. One of the patches uses a little bit of filtering from the new version of the Mutable Instruments Ripples. Using a sequencer like the 0-CTRL for this type of synth voice works well since you can control the pitch as well as other parameters. We also added some modulation with the XAOC Batumi quad LFO.

The drum sounds are all samples from the new 1010 Music Bitbox Micro which is a smaller version of the original Bitbox, even though it is smaller it still has 8 channels and is a good option to add sampling to your eurorack modular. The drums are sequenced by the Pam’s New Workout used as a clock divider.

Brenso available here:

Bitbox Micro available here:"

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