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Friday, June 12, 2020

KAWAI K5000S - Sounds, Patches & Ambient Soundscapes | Synth Demo


"Kawai K5000S digital additive synthesizer demo, featuring various sounds, presets, patches & ambient soundscapes. This Kawai K5000S synth demo showcases various K5000 sounds including pads, arpeggiator, leads, textures, FX and more.

Released in 1996 in a sleek design, the Kawai K5000S was Kawai's top of the line digital workstation synth at the time and one of the few additive synthesizers released to the market. The Kawai K5000S is part of the Kawai K5000 additive synth series, which includes the Kawai K5000W and K5000R.

The Kawai K5000S features 32 voices of polyphony and a digital additive synthesis engine, with over 1000 editable parameters per patch. It has a 128-band formant filter as well as separate resonant 24dB lowpass and highpass filters. There are 2 LFOs - one for formant filter, one freely assignable to other destinations.

The Kawai K5000S also has a decently featured arpeggiator on board with 40 patterns plus 8 user patterns. Memory-wise there are 200 patches and 64 performances available (which allows up to 4 patches to be played at once). In addition, the keyboard features velocity and aftertouch, and there are 4 effects algorithms with 32 effects to choose from.

The Kawai K5000S is the only version of the K5000 series to have dedicated knobs for more hands-on control, which allows for much more spontaneous live tweaking. The Kawai K5000 series of synthesizers can create some gorgeous ethereal ambient soundscapes with constantly evolving timbres over time. The use of additive synthesis and a formant filter also gives the Kawai K5000 synths their own unique tone, and allows you to create new sounds that are uncommon to other synths.

Overall, if you are interested in digital synthesizers and want to try something different from FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis, wavetable synthesis etc then the K5000 series may up your alley thanks to its comprehensive additive synthesis engine. The K5000S is often sought after by those who enjoy adding a new palette of sound to their music, and is recommended if you want to try something different in the realm of synthesis."

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