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Monday, June 22, 2020

Sqeaky Clean BEMI Buchla Music Easel w/ Original Box & Accessories

via this auction

Easel Buddy accessory box (I designed and built these. There were only 10 made, and this is one of them)
Printed out 60 page manual (Sorry trees, but I'd rather be touching you than looking at a screen while playing with the Easel)

My name is Max Neutra. I am an artist and designer (google me if you are curious). Before I started working in the visual arts, I made electronic music for 10 years, culminating in releasing an album on Mofohifi Records called Automation Addiction in 2010 (it's on Spotify, give it a spin), which features a myriad of unusual sound sources, from synths like the Future Retro 777 and the Dave Smith Evolver, to toys like the Bee Gees rhythm machine and Mego Muson, to a selection of vintage Casio keybaords. (see pic). I have collected and played with many sound toys and synths over the years, and very few transcend the standard definition of what they are like the Music Easel does. Dial up a patch, fire up the sequencer, engage the arpegiator, and you can feel new neural pathways being formed in your brain as you dance your fingers around the keyboard. This is no mere synthesizer. It is a space ship for your mind. Playing with it, you get the impression that with the right sonic signature, you just might tear a hole in the fabric of reality and reveal the true nature of the universe.

If the Make Noise 0-Coast was a Speeder Bike (sure! cool, fun, fast), the Music Easel is the Millennium Falcon.

These days, I am a dad, have a design gig at Meow Wolf (that I love), and I still dabble in electronic music, mostly playing around with my modular setup (Intellijel Metropolis and Atlantis, Euclidian Circles, Tip Top Drums, WMD Fracture, Bassimilus Iteritas Alter, Braids, Bastl Soft Pop, and Varigate 8, with a little sweetening from my Strymon Magneto.) I bought the Easel five years ago, just before my daughter was born. It was probably some kinda panic buy, like, I better get this thing while I still have time to play with it. Although I did get a chance to play around with it, and it is indeed glorious, in the end, it's spending 99% of it's existence packed up, partially because I just don't have much time to mess around these days, and also I like to protect it and keep it as minty fresh as possible."

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