MATRIXSYNTH: Can the Yamaha AN1x match the Roland JX-3P sound?

Monday, August 17, 2020

Can the Yamaha AN1x match the Roland JX-3P sound?


Interesting comparison. I never made the connection before.

"The JX3P and AN1x both have this 'sizzle' sound that I can't explain. When I got the AN1x I thought it had a very similar sound, so I decided to make a few sounds and see if I could recreate the JX3P sounds. Note that the volumes aren't matched, I wasn't really going for a perfect comparison, just whether I could capture the sound. This isn't a 'versus' - it's an attempt to match the sounds - plus the volumes fluctuate based on the tones.

The first thing I tried to do was make a very simple patch and capture the sound of the JX chorus - you can hear that early on.

Later, I tried to replicate some sounds with the resonance turned up, this posed a very big challenge for me, I don't think I ever really did a good job with the comparison.

Sometimes I went off on a tangent, with either synth. Sorry about that.

I left every bit of my musings in there - you can see just how long and difficult it was on the AN1x to capture the JX3P sound, and even then I feel it wasn't as good. I felt I did a pretty decent job with the chorus though.

The JX3P is probably the more interesting synth to me, because I just like how it sounds with very little processing/editing. In other words, it has a large sweet spot, but it doesn't do a whole lot to begin with. The AN1x, while completely manageable as a synth, is just somewhat hard to use sometimes, and when you play a simple synth next to it, it's easy to get a little frustrated when finding your way around the AN1x.

The look, and feel, of the Roland JX3P, and the sound - just feel unmatched. I have owned a Juno 106 (and sold it because I liked my Matrix 1000 more) and I have had a Juno 60, borrowed from a friend... but the JX3P just has something I like a little more than either of those (though the Juno 60 is just a beautiful synth, I'd own it for that reason alone, and those snappy envelopes).

If the JX3P had the faders of the Juno and the fast envelopes, there'd never even be a contest for me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the completely random video I put together."

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