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Saturday, August 29, 2020

RARE Quasimidi Sirius Synthesizer Keyboard Groovebox Vocoder w/ Mic & Manual

via this auction, also on Reverb

"Absolutely collectors grade mint condition. You will not find a nicer one of these! Everything works as it should. With original PSU, mic and manual. Please see pictures.

The Quasimidi Sirius was the best of the late-1990's "groove synth" craze, where (before the laptop became viable) manufacturers started cramming synth/sequencer/drum-machine/mixer/fx into one box for live (dance-)music performance. The Sirius is effectively a 24-voice polyphonic poly-timbral keyboard with 7 Tracks to mix and match specific sounds.
This unit is a masterful combination for quick-yet-deep sound design or music composition, featuring:
24 voice polyphony
sequencer for 16 songs, each consisting of 8 Patterns, 4 breaks (all tracks), and 4 Special Loops (1 track fill)
memory for 128+ user Patterns, each which sets a a Track to a specific Program (drum/synth voice) and a Motif (MIDI sequence)
lush effects (reverb/delay/chorus/flanger) on 2 mix busses
11-band vocoder, allowing internal track sounds (drums, synths) or external mic/line feed to be freely assigned as carrier AND/OR modulator. I have yet to see a vocoder this easy and flexible to play with.
programmable Rhythmic tools; including Arpeggiator, Rhythmic Gater, and Chord-triggers (make notes played live on one Track be triggered by the rhythm sequenced w/in another Track....).

Workstation is based around 7 tracks, so you can program combinations of sounds, or mix/match on the fly. You can even remix tracks by switching each track to new random voice/motif pattern from within internal memory, and a Randomize sound button for fast creation of new sounds.

The Pattern-tracks are configured as:
Kick; 1 sound/ Program (96 rom, 96 ram programs)
Snare; 1 sound/Program (96 rom, 96 ram programs)
Hat; 2 sounds/ Program (96 rom, 96 ram programs)
Perc Kit; 12 sound/ Program (96 rom, 96 ram programs)
Synth 1; 1 chromatic Program (288 rom, 96 ram programs)
Synth 2; 1 chromatic Program (288 rom, 96 ram programs)
Synth 3; 1 chromatic Program (288 rom, 96 ram programs)

Each Program is based within a similar voice structure; with
2 digital samples/wavetable oscillators
1 resonant filter with ADSR
1 amp with ADSR
routing to bus FX1, FX2, and vocoder.
If this unit sounds DEEP and FUN, it's because it IS..."

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