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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Siel MK 900 Preset Synthesiser w Sequencer

via this auction

"This 1984 Vintage 61-Key Standard keyboard packs great features into a stylish instrument. With the stylishness & wealth of available options, the MK-900 is a Classic Collector's KeyBoard -- a preset polyphonic keyboard,
with a preset accompaniment section, split keyboard, a sequencer section offering real time sequencing of accompaniments and drum rhythms and, very importantly, the chance to interface independently with two other synth units via MIDI.

The functions, which are switched on and off with bungy buttons, are clearly laid out in a long row close to the five octave keyboard, and the general layout of the instrument makes for ease of control.

The preset voices can either be used in combination, giving fatter sounds, or separately — one in the left hand, one in the right.

This is achieved with the keyboard in split mode, and the split can be programmed to one of three positions on the keyboard. Other voice related functions not mentioned above are a detune button which supposedly gives a sort of ensemble effect, but in fact is better for honky-tonk type sounds, and a left to mono button which, with the keyboard in split mode, enables you to beef up the leading voice with the preset sound you are using in the left hand.

The accompaniment section has ten preset rhythms, ranging from old time waltz to quite funky disco and rock. In addition there is a fill button which gives you an appropriate one bar fill, and a manual drums function which allocates bass drum, snare, cymbal and tomtom sounds to the four highest keys, so that you can play your own fills over the drum sounds already going on.

The snare sound thus obtained is quite excellent — the sort of thing that tends to end up inside an AMS — Harmony section offers One Finger Chords (major, minor, dominant seventh) and 'Help' chords — a system designed to put more complex chords within the reach of the beginner.

The bass, arpeggio and rhythm buttons combine with the drum parts to give appropriate basslines, arpeggio and funky chord accompaniments.

Block harmonies in the right hand are possible using the counter melodies function, and are very useful for getting thick, layered solo voice sounds.

The accompaniment section is further made flexible by individual faders for bass, rhythm and arpeggios.

The sequencer section offers real time sequencing of rhythm, melodic and chordal patterns.

Although such functions are extremely unusual, & the bass or solo sequencer has a capacity of only 250 notes, the chord sequencer, 50 chords, there is only room for a one bar drum pattern."

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