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Sunday, August 02, 2020

YAMAHA DX-1 Synthesizer with A/B Cartridges

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"I have owned this beautiful work of art for over 20 years and have not put many hours on overall on this uniquely distinctive and visually stunning keyboard.. It use to belong to a famous Boston based composer and due to my work and other issues I have not been able to put in the time that I desire to utilize this BEAST of perfection. I fill that someone else should benefit from the creative sound pallet that this instrument can inspire from. I have recently had my tech go over the machine and replace the battery and has a clean bill of health. The Keyboard will be costume crated at no cost and shipping quotes will be determined by zip code. I will consider shipping this instrument world wide but I do prefer to ship this within the United States. I currently reside in Arizona and I'm willing to drive up to 400 miles in any direction to meet someone to take delivery of this Keyboard as an option to not shipping it.

With only 140 ever produced for all Synthesizer collectors or even just a collector of vintage things in general, the DX1 is a Holy grail. Unfortunately, they are extremely hard to come by because many are still with their original owners. Not only is that testimony to their build quality but to the fact they still sound great or are still very usable as a master keyboard.

The DX1 is a sight to behold and when you turn it on you really feel like you’re in a Sci-Fi movie scene.

Among Yamaha's DX line of synthesizers, the DX1 is definitely the biggest and most expensive. With a dual 6-operator digital FM engine,it's like two DX7's wrapped up in a wood-paneled case and comes with a truly professional weighted 73 note keyboard sensitive to both velocity and after touch. The DX7 style membrane buttons have been replaced by actual push-buttons, display screens and the overall layout of buttons and diagrams is nicer and better organized.

Sound-wise, the DX1 is like a fatter DX7 that features FM synthesis. That means that although the DX1 is a digital synthesizer, its sounds are unique and fresh with an analog/digital hybrid feel. Fortunately the advanced DX1 has display screens that show amplitude modulation, envelopes, velocity, levels and de-tuning parameters unlike previous DX synths so you can better visualize what and how you are editing parameters. The DX1 has two patches (Channel A and B) which can be used simultaneously with the keyboard in layer or split-mode. This mode is generally 16-voicepolyphonic, but with just one patch loaded you can have 32 voices of thick polyphony!
Yamaha have always demanded quality in their products and the DX1 was a product to prove they wanted nothing but the best. The DX1 packed in all the best that Yamaha had available in order to earn its hefty price tag. The unique wood, piano like keys and digital displays deliver both quality and technology with minimalistic styling.

Having said that it’s hard to find this level of craftsmanship nowadays and in today’s market this synth is worth every cent of its original price tag. There is quality and design attention in almost details. Even the underside has a beveled black base with perfectly cut round ventilation holes. The buttons and controllers all feel nice to press and the keys are weighted and built to emulate a grand piano."

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