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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Noise Engineering Blog: FM bell patch with LIP

Noise Engineering

"From the blog:
Did you know that your LIP can do a pretty convincing emulation of FM? NO? Well, you do now. To make this work nicely, we need to tune our oscillators to a nice ratio that won’t be too inharmonic. For this example, oscillator B is tuned two octaves higher than oscillator A. How do we do this? Tuning LIP’s oscillators is easier than you might expect. First, switch Algo to the PM position, as that’s the algorithm we’ll be using for this sound. Set all the envelope sends to 12 o’clock so they’re not doing anything. Set the four tonal parameters fully counterclockwise, and switch the Mode to Free. You should just hear something close to a sine wave. Switch Master to A, then use the A pitch encoder to find a base frequency that you like. Then, switch Master to B, and use the B pitch encoder to tune oscillator B to a frequency two octaves above A (you can use a tuner like Soleo Vero for this, or switch Master back and forth to do it by ear).

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