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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Noise Engineering Horologic Solum

Blog: Four voice patch with Horologic Solum

Noise Engineering

From the blog:
Preorder Horologic Solum/Horologic Uter:

"When used as a clock generator, the HS has a variety of uses. The top output is always the base clock, and the three outputs below that are divisions of it. Those outputs can be set to 2/4/8, 3/5/7, or 4/16/64 respectively with a flick of the “2 0 4” switch. Personally, I like to use the 4/16/64 setting when I want to keep a bunch of sequencers in sync and phase. I can route the root clock to their clock inputs, and use one of the slower clocks to keep them all in phase. The 3/5/7 setting I like a lot for slower, more experimental patches where I want to move away from a 4/4 grid. Especially when paired with something like Integra Funkitus to add some probability to the clock outputs, you can ditch the sequencers entirely and create an interesting patch just with some unusual divisions.
Let’s try something a bit more traditional, though: here, we’re using Horologic Solum to clock a Mimetic Digitalis and an Intellijel Steppy to trigger and modulate a four-voice patch."

Blog: Swing with Horologic Solum

Noise Engineering

"Since HS is voltage controllable, there are a lot of things that we can do to make our clocks more interesting. Gradual tempo changes can be automated with a slow LFO, or we can do more experimental things by patching envelopes, random CV, and other signals here for some more unusual results. However, there’s a more traditional use for it, too: swing! All we have to do is get a CV sequencer and clock it with HS, then feed the sequence into the CV input on HS. Let’s take a listen to what it can sound like."

Blog: Drum machine jam with Horologic Solum

"HS is a Eurorack module, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use it with other pieces of gear, too! A lot of gear can take analog triggers or clock, which means that we can use Horologic Solum as well as Horologic Uter to control a plethora of other devices. HU, with its extra outs, is especially useful when using lots of gear since you have so many clock options. Here, we’re jamming on a rack with a voice, some sequencing, and some FX, alongside an external drum machine."

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