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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Suzuki TES-371S (WARAKU III) Electronic Taishogoto / Koto Synthesizer

via this auction

"This instrument is beautiful, although it has some minor fine scratches on the instrument.

A photo-copy of user manual written in Japanese language will be provided.
An AC100V to DC 10V adapter with center negative will be provided.

Technical information:
Dimensions: 72 × 22 × 9 cm.
Weight: Instrument Wt : Approx. 2.716 kg, Case: 2.390 kg, Total : 5.106 kg.
Package Weight : 7 to 8 Kg.
Accessories: Pick, AC100V to DC10V power adaptor and a semi-hard case.

Description :

WARAKU is extremely rare and one of the most strange Japanese electronic musical instruments. it was originally made for playing Japanese traditional music and made by SUZUKI (home of omni-chord, NOBARA, troni-chord) but this is one of most strange & bizarre instrument SUZUKI ever made.

WARAKU III was last and top of the line product of WARAKU family and already discontinued products this one is very classic silver edition. WARAKU III is basically a Koto Synth that combined the original WARAKU and NOBARA into one and with expand functions.

WARAKU III was very expensive and made very limited quantities those days. It was made for the very small circle of the people who seriously studying Japanese traditional music and never sold at ordinary musical instruments market
so it's very hard to find even in Japan these days, a bizarre exotic gem!

First of all it's very beautifully designed, built in classic silver plastic case in taishogoto shape with strange shape 37 key keyboard with 5-string bridge and 4 assignable drum pads.

It has 30 sounds: 15 Japanese traditional instruments like koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and 15 western instruments like piano, violin etc...In percussion mode you can play many exotic percussion sounds by keyboard or assignable drum pads.
There are pitch bend lever and vibrato/sustain switch, as well as MIDI INPUT so you can play WARAKU III from external MIDI controller (in this case you can select from 64 sounds).

You can play the WARAKU III by keyboard or the 5-string bridge (basically only use the first 4 strings to play) and 4 assignable drum pads. This unique 5-string bridge can play by usual guitar pick, hold one key of the keyboard and play the first 4 strings by pick like guitar to simulate Japanese traditional instruments like taishogoto etc. String is touch sensible with velocity and totally electronic device, it's not just simply electrical amplified like usual electric guitar, it is completely electronic. The WARAKU III has MIDI OUT so you can play another MIDI synth by this unique 5-string bridge.

The 4 drum pads are also touch sensitive and can easily playing by your fingers. Assign drum sounds to pad is very easy, just hold one key and hit the one pad in percussion mode drum sounds consists of many exotic Japanese traditional percussion of course in drum mode you can play all of them on keyboard."

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