MATRIXSYNTH: Wave Music Improvisation with Modular Synth 002

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Wave Music Improvisation with Modular Synth 002

Akihiko Matsumoto

New Single "Reverse" 7/31/2020 Released:

Sequence: Ableton Live, Cycling'74 Max/MSP, 2hp Euclid, 2hp TM
Mix: Ableton Live
CV Converter: 2hp MIDI, Expert Sleepers ES-3
Drums: Ableton
Synth1: Braids - Morpheus
Synth2: General CV
Synth3: Disting mk4 - Curtis Filter
Synth4: Roland D-05
Bass: Piston Honda mk3 - MFB 24db VCF SED
Guitar: Ableton
Noise1: One - afterneath - viol ruina
Noise2: Wogglebug - afterneath - viol ruina
Noise3: benjolin - wogglebug - MATHS - Manis Iteritas - afterneath - viol ruina
Noise4: MATHS - wogglebug - afterneath - viol ruina

Effect: Custom M4L on Ableton
MIDI Controller: novation LAUNCH CONTROL XL, ROLI BLOCKS Lightpad M
Reverb: NI Raum
Limitter: iZotope Ozone9
Camera: Sony a7RII (NOKTON 40mm F1.4)
Music by Akihiko Matsumoto -

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