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Thursday, October 01, 2020

BugBrand MonoMeter & News


"I've been meaning to make use of this little meter for years..
First try with a prototype.
Camera mic!"

And the news via the BugBrand mailing list:

"After a year of slow tinkering (/procrastinating) the new website finally launched a few weeks back.
The new one is nice & clean, I think - a good deal lighter in appearance than the old, with a good deal of tidying up & info adding.

Go check here:

Fingers crossed all the online ordering works smoothly - do please email if you encounter any issues.

One aspect in all of this was changing the webhosting - this seems to have caused a few issues with email, in particular some replies from me going missing, especially with attachments such as PDF invoices. This is frustrating!

I always try to stay on top of email replies, so if things suddenly go quiet or you don't hear back from me then you can always give me a nudge using my bugbrand AT gmail com email address.

So, I've been kind of storing up a few new releases as I didn't want to add them to the old site. Here we go!
[Click the title links!]

I've reimagined the old parametric so that we have a regular production EQ device - initial stock is available online!
It remains purely manual in control - I spent a lot of time trying out Voltage Control approaches, but nothing stuck as yet, and there's a lot to be said for keeping things simple! This is great for transforming the audio spectrum of signals - and there might even be a complementary 2FW mono something to pair with it... prototyping at the moment.

***Expanded COFilter***
The (Active) Expander for the current CrossOverFilter should now be in semi-regular production. The above links to the standalone combo package but I can also provide it as a module with new 5FW case - just email to discuss. A new batch is on the bench but there are two completed units ready & in the online store.

***Multiplier Module***
A new polarizing VCA module (1FW) for the Blues. I've still got a few made from the 1st batch with more to follow shortly.
(In general I have regular stock of most current Blue designs - most ready built on the shelf - always email order only so do shout!)

***PT Delay Slight Seconds***
The latest batch of PT Delay standalones had a few minor panel imperfections - small scratches or blemishes - so they've been marked down slightly in price.

***Banana Cables***
I just restocked & added a further sample pack of 4 x 50cm cables - regularly available!

Next up is continued catching up - restocking items like the SComp & DRM2, keeping the modular line ticking over, making up systems, ongoing bubbling prototype work...And remembering too to sometimes step away from work!
Spinning always.

Best autumnal wishes,

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