MATRIXSYNTH: How Make Noise MATHS can do an entire pumping SIDECHAINED mix

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How Make Noise MATHS can do an entire pumping SIDECHAINED mix


"Here's how the ever-useful @MAKEN0ISE MATHS can give your modular mix the 'sidechained pumping kick' effect, as it can be an envelope follower, VCA, an attenuverter and a final output mixer, all at once! Patch diagram & step-by-step info (if ya have other modules) in description! ↴

1. Use a multiple or stackcable to 'copy' (aka 'mult') the audio output of your kick.
2. Create an envelope followed version of this kick, by either passing the multed audio thru an envelope follower, or, 'mult' the trigger that triggers the kick, and use THAT to trigger a separate envelope generator which can be customised to create the most satisfying shape. MATHS is also great for that!
3. You now need to pass your 'music' channel (that is, all the audio you want to be 'ducked' by the kick) through a VCA. If you are doing a stereo mix, you'll need two VCAs.
4. Invert the envelope followed kick, with an inverter or attenuverter. This is why utilities rule, they make stuff possible.
5. Get the inverted kick to control the VCA CV level (if you're using two VCAs, use a mult to send it equally to both).
6. Now you need to mix together the percussion audio and the 'ducked' music audio channels together, which will give you your finished mix.
7. Rejoice, dropping your droppy drops harder, for they will drop with great effectiveness, even if your low/mids are a bloody mess."

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