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Thursday, October 15, 2020

JMT LD-2: "The Witching Hour"

Kris Lennox

"You'll be glad to hear I haven't succumbed to a non-existent virus, but rather, the music computer was broken. I acquired a new one, and I'm back on track. I'm still working on getting the image format in Premiere how it should be, but i'll get there (i.e if the aspect ratio in this video is off, it'll be fixed soon).

To the synth: recently I picked up some synths from Tetsuji (JMT Synths), one of them being the LD-2. Brilliant synth for sound/noise design - absolutely fantastic, with the bonus of built-in delay. Build quality is also impeccable. And hand-built by the man himself.

I hold the LD-2 up there with the Lyra-8 in terms of industrial/noise sound design single-unit systems. Lyra is more appropriate for clunky & factory-like, with the LD-2 more appropriate for odd & noisy.

Boutique items, certainly - but if you like making those kinds of sounds/noises, why not? There's a place for everything in this world.

Despite the apparent simplicity of this patch, it took around 3 hours to create... lots of work! Pitch/levels were key for this one. I added a subtle drone/bass after the LD-2 patch was recorded (intentionally keeping the sound relatively bare as this is my first video demonstrating the LD-2 i.e letting the synth sing). Bass should be obvious with headphones.

The title? Well, it is October :) Thin veil and all.

PS I a few weeks ago I took Tetsuji's synths to an abandoned factory area for some great photos. I think Tetsuji put the images on his page. If not, I have them over on fb (my personal/private page, though).

Enjoy/more soon now I'm back in the game.

All best

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  1. "Non-existent virus"? Is that supposed to be funny?



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