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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sintetizador Apollo - Modo monofonico/duofonico

GS Music

"This time we show you how to switch between the different monophonic and duophonic modes of the new Apollo synthesizer.

To access the mode selection, keep the LFO1 button pressed until three of the LFO LEDs start to flash.
Then, with the button of oscillator 2 we can toggle between the different modes.
The Apollo synthesizer has 4 modes detailed below:
1- Monophonic, single trigger: it is a monophonic mode. Envelopes will only reset when no note is active and a new note is triggered again.
2- Monophonic, multi trigger: it is a monophonic mode. Envelopes will reset with each note, even if another was previously active.
3- Duophonic 1: it is a duophonic mode. When a single note is active, both oscillators will respond to that note. When two notes are active, Oscillator 1 will respond to the lowest and Oscillator 2 to the last. As notes are released and one is active, both oscillators will respond to the only note that was left active.
4- Duophonic 2: it is a duophonic mode similar to duophonic 1 but when releasing notes until only one is active, the oscillators will respond to the last two notes.
Once selected, it must be confirmed by pressing the LFO1 button twice."

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