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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Soundfly: Creative Courses for Curious Musicians


"Soundfly helps curious musicians meet their goals with creative online courses. Whatever you want to learn, whenever you need to learn it. Start learning on the ’Fly today:" Note, Soundfly is a new sponsor of MATRIXSYNTH. You can find their banner on the right. Along with general music procution courses they offer synth tutorials, some of which have been posted here on MATRIXSYNTH.

See their online Synth Courses here. They also offer a 10% discount to supporting members of the site. The following is an interesting press release from them on artists using their extra time during the pandemic to either learn something new or to refine their existing skills. There are links to some interesting artist experiences below.

via Soundfly:

With the Industry in Crisis, Musicians Are Learning How to Come Out Even Stronger

DIY has long been a buzzword in the indie music scene, but since the onset of COVID-19 and resulting quarantines, even the most mainstream artists are learning to do everything themselves. Whether out of necessity, or simply a surplus of free time, artists who were already considered experts in their fields have turned to online education to add musical skills to their toolbox and prepare for a life in an unfamiliar and uncertain music industry.

From Kylie Minogue learning Logic Pro to Flying Lotus diving deep on synths, to BTS member Suga and Selena Gomez picking up guitar again, artists are watching their industry transform, and are responding by transforming themselves to keep up.

At music education start-up Soundfly, we’re seeing both high-level students who are learning how to do their own production so that they can record and put out music themselves from home, as well as artists taking a “now or never” approach, making the most of the unexpected free time to learn an element of music-making that wasn’t previously in their wheelhouse.

We have a major recording artist learning vocal production. A Vox podcast host and author is studying advanced synthesis to better inform the conversations he has on his show. A vocalist with Cirque du Soleil came to us to work on her lyric writing and is now producing her own singles. And we have a variety of professional session, touring, and symphony musicians, including a cellist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, who are wanting to bulk up their resumés and work to become less dependent on an unreliable industry.

“We’re seeing some different kinds of musicians coming to us in the last couple months. Artists who have long been making a living off their music without feeling the need to learn more have been showing up more and more often. It’s getting us really excited for the kind of music that’s going to start coming out in a few months with so many people going off in all new directions.” said Soundfly CEO/founder Ian Temple.

“All of these artists were already making incredible music. It’s going to be so cool to see what happens now that they’ve got more skills, more complete knowledge, and all kinds of new interests.”

Kylie Minogue on learning Logic Pro
“'Lockdown happened, and I had to figure out how to do everything remotely,' says Minogue, who has turned her London flat into a DIY studio during the pandemic. 'If 11-year-olds can do this in their bedroom, I can figure this out.’”

Leland Sklar on learning to self-produce
“'I’ve always been busy enough that I’m one of the guys that has never had a home studio. Or done any home recording at all,' he says... Despite his lack of experience and relatively low-cost recording rig, Sklar is pleased with the results he’s getting—as are those he’s working with."

Flying Lotus on how understanding synthesis has changed his life
“I think whenever I get into a place where I feel comfortable, I’m like alright, I need to learn some more stuff... This quarantine time has been really good for me to just kind of focus and hone in on a couple little things that I wanted to learn. I really wanted to understand synthesis on like a very detailed level... So that’s a little bit of time that has now changed the rest of my life.”

Selena Gomez takes guitar lessons during quarantine
“The singer, 28, gave fans a glimpse into what she's been doing while social distancing on Thursday, writing on her Instagram, 'Things I’ve been doing in quarantine: settling into my new house and guitar lessons 🥰.'"

BTS' Suga learning guitar on his own
“Twitter: 'Suga says he's got alot of calluses on his fingers from practising and Yoongi says it's just... been a week…'"

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