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Saturday, November 07, 2020

ÆTHER WAVES VOL. 2 - AE Modular Synthesizer Community Album for Charity!



Just like last year, the AE Modular Synth community created an album together. 26 artists came together to create an exclusive track each, with 100% AE Modular sound, resulting in almost 2 hours of nicely listenable electronic synthesizer music.

All earnings go to the "Musicians without Borders" charity!

Listen to it here and let us spread the joy of making music:

AE Modular Community Forum:

"** Æther Waves Vol. 2 **

A celebration of the AE Modular Synthesizer made by tangible waves.

This is the second collaboration from artists from the AE Modular forum at You will hear a very broad spectrum of how people make music with the AE Modular and it shows how versatile this system is. But no matter how different the tracks are from one another, they are all 100% performed with the AE Modular system and showcase how versatile this instrument is.

Each artist has provided a description and a photo of their patch and you can see this information when you click on each individual track.

There is now a growing group of artists that call the AE Modular their main instrument and you can see a list of them here:

If you would like to know more about tangible waves and the AE Modular system you can find this at:
released November 6, 2020

** All proceeds donated to Musicians Without Borders **

Again all proceeds from sales go directly as donations to a non-profit organisation. This year we will support Musician Without Borders who use the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war. Their vision is to inspire people worldwide to engage as peacemakers and use music to transform lives.

Please read more about the incredible work that Musicians Without Borders is doing world wide on their website:

** Big thanks to **

BLAKMOTH, who has created this awesome album cover and the new banner! You can find his music and art here on Bandcamp at

** Album Produced by **

Spacedog, who has taken all the raw tracks and applied the same sound mastering magic touch to each of them to make them sound outstanding. He is also a very productive musician with decades spent in the Berlin School and you can find links to his various projects at

The 5th Volt, who just had to send reminders every week or so to the forum to coax and convince people on the forum to come out and show their music to the world. He is incredibly humbled by the breadth and scope of skills shown by the artists that have participated in the making of this album. THANK YOU TO ALL!

You can find more info about The 5th Volt at

** Special Thanks to **

Robert Langer from tangible waves, who had the creative spark and courage to put out a completely new and revolutionary modular synthesizer system into the world. His creation of the AE Modular system has and continues to inspire seasoned and beginning musicians all around the world. But he is not only an incredible electrical engineer, but also a gifted musician and you can hear him play his own synth in the very last track of this album."

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