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Thursday, November 19, 2020

YAMAHA DX5 Synthesizer - Sounds, Patches & Presets | FM Synth Demo


"Yamaha DX5 FM synthesizer demo featuring various sounds, patches & presets. This Yamaha DX5 synth demo showcases various patches including piano & electric piano, leads, bass, pads, brass, textures, noise and FX. Some reverb & delay effects from Eventide Space and Timefactor pedals.

The Yamaha DX5 is a vintage classic and rare 6-operator FM synthesizer from 1985-1987. It is essentially two Yamaha DX7 synthesizers in one case, and just a small step below the incredibly rare flagship Yamaha DX1 (it does not have the DX1's polyphonic aftertouch, algorithm LEDs or the extra wooden paneling, but is otherwise nearly identical).

With two Yamaha DX7 synths in one unit, the Yamaha DX5 features 76 keys, 32-voices of polyphony and excellent bi-timbral split and layering capabilities (A and B layers with 16-voices each). It also has 64 performance memories which can be loaded or saved to cartridge (the DX7 has only one manual performance memory), lots of patches, and XLR outputs for improved audio quality.

The Yamaha DX5 has an onboard LFO with multiple waveshaepes (Sine/Square/Tri/SAW up/SAW Down/Random), 6 Envelope generators with 8 parameters each and Portamento as well. FM synthesis programming on the Yamaha DX5 is fairly easy, as the control surface exposes most of the functions in a button-per-function format which reduces the menu-diving required.

Sound-wise the Yamaha DX5 is great for classic FM tones and the presets really bring you back to the mid-80s. With programming it can take you into new sonic territory. The sound quality from the DX5 has a nice texture, and helps give it a distinct tone which is warm and full for an FM synth. In this demo I tried to showcase a variety of Yamaha DX5 sounds, patches and presets in a basic sense, and also added some effects here and there to enhance them further.

Overall, the Yamaha DX5 is an amazing FM synth if you really love the sound of the Yamaha DX7, as it takes it to the next level. The Yamaha DX5 is fairly rare these days and commands high prices on the second hand market, but if you are into FM synthesis and you come across a DX5, don't hesitate to pick it up."

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