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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

(MU) Frequency Central

(MU) Frequency Central feat. Massive Modular Bundle: osc sync, PWM, Keystep histrionics, the works

2 x System X Oscillator
System X Lowpass Filter
System X Dual VCA
System X Dual ADSR

...which together forms our classic MU Massive Modular Bundle!

Well, I was going to program a sequence into the fabulous Arturia Keystep (accept no imitation), but soon realised that I was having far too much fun just wiggling and jamming out, so I hit record - the rest is history.

The patch is quite interesting, as there are two VCAs available, I've patched sawtooths via VCF and VCA, and pulses directly to the second VCA. There's a negative ADSR output patched to the second VCA, so the PWM'ed sound fades in as the VCF and VCA sound fades out.

As you will already know, these lovely VCOs feature onboard LFOs which I'm making full use of for a bit of vibrato, PWM sweeps, as well as that huge oscillator sync modulation.

Processing is via MU Stasis Leak (off camera) for some huge delay action.

If you have read this far please comment 'Huge Monster!'"

(MU) Frequency Central feat. Little Melody, Raging Bull, System X Oscillator, Stasis Leak and more!

"Finally got around to producing a MU modular video. This one feature the following Frequency Central MU modules:

Wave Runner
Little Melody
System X Envelope
System X Oscillator
Raging Bull
Stasis leak

I'm using the Boss Dr-55 (bottom left) as a master clock only. The clock is patched to Little Melody, System X Envelope, Wave Runner and also Stasis Leak (via a clock divider).

I've set up a little riff on Little Melody which is being played by the System X Oscillator/Raging Bull/System X Envelope synth voice. I'm occasionally toggling between two modes for some variation.

System X Oscillator's sawtooth and pulse waveforms are patched into the audio inputs of Raging Bull. I'm doing some manual tweaking of it's octave rotary switch. There's also a bit of fat creamy PWM going on

To modulate Raging Bull's cutoff, I'm using Wave Runner in it's sample and hold mode to modulate, System X Envelope, the triangle output of System X Oscillator, as well as some manual tweaks and twists.

System X Envelope is patched to Raging Bull's 3rd CV input, thus controlling both VCF cutoff and VCA openess(?!)/closedness(!?).

Stasis Leak is set to long delays, and is synced to the rhythm via a clock divider (off camera).

If you've read this far, please comment 'Fat and creamy'."

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