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Monday, January 04, 2021

Larry Klein's (Peter Gabriel) Fairlight CMI Series III For Sale

Fairlight CMI Series III - the last restoration in 2020! - DeftAudio

via this auction

"Yes, this is the real deal and your chance to jump onto a completely restored Fairlight CMI Series III system.

Hello. My name is Andrei Kudryavtsev. If you've been tracking Fairlight sales, you probably saw my other restoration work. All systems that I sell are completely restored and refurbished to the original condition, as much as possible. They are also upgraded to modern standards providing better reliability and usability. This system is not the exception. It used to belong to Larry Klein. It was one of the cleanest Fairlight I've ever received, however it required extensive work to get it up to date to Rev 9 standards. It's running OS9.34 with all required hardware changes, with 16 voices 32MB sample memory, with SCSI2SD replacing original hard drive, USB2CMI replacing original Preh keyboard, and a VGA monitor. It has fully repainted the CMI mainframe, music keyboard.

Power supply section is brand new. Old switching PSU has been replaced with three modern PSUs, driving clear power rails and dedicated power rail for fans. Cooling section is brand new, replaced all fans with server grade fans and new fan speed controller with a separate zone management and thermal sensors.

All work is carefully documented and available in my Instagram with all dates it was performed. It took me over 5 months to bring it to the condition you currently see.

This system needs a new home, a person who will be using it to make the music and not being distracted by common failures. All of those have been addressed to make your life easier and bring new life into this wonderful machine. I should say a disclaimer anyway, that as is a vintage may fail any moment...and obviously no return offered. However, I'm offering you my help in learning this great machine, and so you get 10 hours of my time at no charge. You can use it for whatever you want - set up and install online, learning session, tutorials, technical support etc... I want to make you happy.

What's included into the package:

1. Fairlight CMI Series III mainframe: Rev9.34, 16 voices, 32MB, 100kHz sampling input, SCSI2SD, cooling and PSU upgrades.

2. Fairlight CMI Series III music keyboard

3. USB2CMI keyboard adapter with Apple keyboard and mouse.

4. VGA Monitor, Video scaler, Green color adapter(if you want your fonts to be green)

5. Original Preh alphanumeric keyboard (touchpad doesn't function)

6. Fairlight CMI Series III original green phosphor monitor (faded CRT)

7. All necessary cables.

8. Larry Klein flight cases."

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  1. Had I that much money in the bank I'd be driving a Porsche. One can often get a used Cayenne for about ten grand.



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