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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Oxi One Showcase Series


1. Oxi One Showcase Series #1
OXI ONE demo with Ableton Live showing the creation of a track from scratch. Melody, chords, drums, bass and some arpeggios on the top!
2. OXI One Showcase Series #2
OXI One - A new and inspiring way to create musical ideas and control all your studio gear.
Showcase with Ableton Live.
3. OXI One Showcase Series #3 - Modular Rig
Modular time! 🎛🔈
Take control of a full setup with the OXI One and its 8 cvs and 8 gates and one modulation cv input.
4. OXI One Showcase Series #4 - LFOs and CHORD triggering
If parameters lock per step wasn't enough you have one LFO per sequence assignable to more than 20 parameters which gives you even more ways of expressivity.
5. OXI One Showcase Series #5 - Modular & Chords
Performing and sequencing chords with a modular rig has never been so easy.
OXI One is here delivering some chords with 4 voices (4cvs and 4gates).
A bit of modulation is sent to the pitch of all them to make a more interesting sound. Chords are manually transposed and we play also with the Global Gate control to get different note lengths.
6. OXI One Showcase Series #6 - Sequencing 18 tracks in Ableton Live
Oxi One running 18 tracks in Ableton Live with. All modulation is done by MIDI sent by Oxi One in real time.

💡Sequencer 1 in Poly mode with a 8 bar chord progression. Poly mode allows up to 7 notes and 4cc’s per step.
💡Sequencer 2 in Mono mode playing an 8 bar (128 steps) baseline. Cutoff modulation with one CC.
💡Sequencer 3 in Multitrack mode triggering some samples and playing the lead melody. Multitrack mode provides 8 independent tracks with 128 steps and one CC per track.
💡Sequencer 4 in Multitrack mode playing drums.
7. OXI One Showcase Series #7 - CC & Motion Recording
With OXI One you have motion recording of up to 8 CCs per sequencer (there're 4!). This feature quickly enables you to give movement to any parameter on a hardware synth or VST via MIDI or modular synth via the 8 fully configurable CV outputs.
8. OXI One Showcase Series #8 - ARP Recording
Here's a new video showing Arp recording capabilities.

OXI One has one arpeggiator per sequencer which can be directly recorded into the pattern.

If you have a polyphonic synth you can record overdub, up to 7 notes per step. This is great to layer up your arpeggios or whatever you throw at MIDI in.

Arpeggiator, chord engine and MIDI filtering features can also be used from external gear from all available MIDI connections (USB, TRS and Bluetooth).
9. OXI One Showcase & Setup explanation #9 - Hybrid MIDI & Eurorack Setup
Techno Jam with OXI One, Eurorack and MIDI gear (KORG Volca Sample & Arturia Microfreak).

Setup and explanation of the OXI One configuration at the end of the video. Enjoy!

Note: The third Cv is also outputing a triggered envelope whose decay is set by the step gate and the amplitude by the step velocity.

P.d. No usb/power cord 🙂
10. OXI One Showcase #10 - Sequencing and modulating Pulsar-23
OXI One and Pulsar-23 are great companions. With Pulsar's MIDI learn capabilities you can control all sound engines plus a plethora of other functions though CC messages, cv and gate outputs.
11. OXI One Showcase #11 - Euclidean Generator & Multitrack sequencer
An euclidean sequencer with a whole set of randomization features, ratcheting, microtimings, independent time divisions and all kind of edition capabilities??

✅ YES❗️❗️

Now, OXI One has an Euclidean Generator and it's the perfect companion 👬 of the Multitrack MODE !!

One is the first MIDI sequencer and controller implementing modular interfaces (8 gates and 8 cvs), USB MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and of course, standard MIDI.
12. OXI One Showcase #12 - Behringer K2 Paraphonic!
Demo with Behringer K2 (MS-20 Desktop replica). All modular formats now supported!

- V/Oct , Hz/V , 1.2V/Oct
- 5V/10V V-Triggers , S-Triggers

And all that with up to 8 voice of polyphony support...Plus LFOs, modulations, ADs envelopes, etc...

With all the MIDI to CV-Gates capabilities already inside 🙌🏻🙌🏻
13. OXI One Showcase #13 - OXI Pipe, eurorack, Volca Sample and OP-Z
Hi everyone, here's our first video showcasing the OXI Pipe in the production version of the OXI One. The OP-Z is connected by MIDI Bluetooth to the OXI One thanks to the Dual role support.

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